December 22, 2018

What is online reputation management?


  • Every business, even a physical shop, has an “online presence”
  • Consumers use your online presence to decide if they’ll spend money with you
  • Every business needs to make reputation management a top priority

What online reputation management is

Today, every customer journey begins with an internet search, usually on a mobile device. By the time customers walk through your doors, they’ve already researched your business and drawn many conclusions based on how your business shows up in their internet searches. So, smart business owners make online reputation management a top priority.

You may not know it, but even brick-and-mortar businesses have an online presence. It includes your website and social media pages, which you control completely. But the largest portion of your online presence is your business reputation, which is the sum of your online reviews and star ratings (i.e. your reputation score) on popular review sites. This content is largely customer-generated, but you have more influence over it than you might realize.

What online reputation management is not

  • It’s not social media management
    While some social media sites (like Facebook) enable reviews and ratings, reputation management is not the same as social media management. You use social media to engage customers by sharing content. You use reputation management to engage customers by reading and responding to their feedback.
  • It’s not advertising or promotional marketing
    You can buy ads on review sites like Google and Yelp, but advertising is not reputation management. You can’t pay to get rid of negative reviews, and you shouldn’t pay to acquire positive ones. Advertising is to amplify your brand, not to protect it.
  • It’s not what politicians and celebrities do to clean up their personal brands
    Many reputation management companies specialize in helping prominent figures clean up what people find about them online. This is not what we mean when we describe reputation management for local businesses.

97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. Smart business owners make online reputation management a priority.

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