How to get more comments/followers on your hair/nail salon’s Facebook page

In this 6-minute read:

  • How to get more engagement on Facebook for your nail or hair salon 
  • How to get more comments on your salon’s Facebook page

Social media marketing has become an important space for small businesses to get familiar with. Customers are more frequently using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with businesses and even reaching out via social media to make their first point of contact. 

Facebook is one platform that is becoming increasingly important for hair and nail salons to enhance their marketing and reach new customers. With the visual nature of salon services, Facebook is the perfect place to share your work and increase customer engagement online. 

How can you grow your Facebook following and make sure that potential customers are seeing your work? 

We’ll walk you through how you can get more followers and comments on your hair or nail salon’s Facebook page with the tips below. 

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How to get more followers on your hair or nail salon’s Facebook page

In order to help more people see your content on Facebook, you need to get more followers. The more followers you have, the higher potential you have for that online engagement——meaning that you aren’t likely to get many comments on your posts if you don’t have the followers to see those posts first. 

How can you increase your salon’s Facebook following?

Invite people to like your page

After you create your Facebook page you should invite people to like it. Start simple by inviting all of your Facebook friends to like your page. Not all of them will, but if you work with a lot of your friends and family, they’re usually more than happy to provide that support. 

Anyone who “likes” your page automatically starts following it too. And the more page likes that you have, the more likely other people will like your page. 

Put up “Like us on Facebook” signage in your salon

This helps remind your in-salon customers that you have a growing online following. Remember to include “like us on Facebook” reminders on physical receipts and links to your Facebook page on your virtual receipts as well as on your website.

Post engaging content on your Facebook page

Before someone will like your page, they may look through it to see if you’re worth following. They want to see if the content that you share is interesting to them. Make sure to frequently post engaging content that is valuable to your customers and potential customers. 

Some examples of engaging Facebook posts for hair and nail salons:

  • Photos of your work—customers expect this from salons’ social media accounts, so if you aren’t posting your work, you’re not likely to have a high following
  • Tips for hair and nail care—show your customers that you know what you are doing and provide helpful at-home tips
  • Fun/funny videos and photos—hair and nail stylists are very personal services, so make sure to show off your stylists’ personalities in your Facebook posts

Boost your high-engagement posts

If you have some posts that are performing well (the most reactions, comments, or shares), take the opportunity to boost those posts for a few dollars. Even for just $5-10 dollars you can blast a post out to a few hundred people in your area. 

When people who aren’t already following your page start reacting to your post, you can invite them to like your page. Invite all of them!

Quick tips for boosting a Facebook post:

  • Define your audience by age, gender, and location. Don’t worry about interests for now because not everyone identifies “interests” on their Facebook page
  • Make sure to target locations that customers would actually travel to your salon from. Don’t try several cities away if people are not going to travel that far for your services. Focus on the city you are in
  • Don’t boost images that have a lot of text in them, these do not perform well
  • Boost content that drives people back to your Facebook page or website (keep the funnel moving!)

Rinse and repeat! Keep posting engaging content and then boosting your top-performing posts to help increase your following. 

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How to get more comments and engagement on your salon’s Facebook page

As you are growing your following, you want to focus on content that is going to improve your chances of getting more comments on your posts. Even if you have a large following, Facebook isn’t likely to share your posts with everyone that follows you. It will actually hide it from their timelines unless they’ve interacted with you before. 

We know, it’s not totally fair. After all, you did the work to get those followers!

However, one way to help make sure that more people are seeing your posts is to get more comments on your posts. Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that have high engagement (particularly comments) and will be more likely to show that content to a larger percentage of your following. 

Here are several types of posts that you can create to encourage more comments. 

Photos of your salon’s best work

Yes, we’re mentioning this again, because it’s important. Your followers liked your page because they want to see more of your work, and they want to give you the praise you deserve. Photos of your work compel your followers to post things like “Love this!”, “Ooh, I want the look!” and “So cute!” Even these short comments can hold a lot of power with getting your posts seen by more people. 

Ask for input/advice

If we know anything about social media, it’s that people LOVE to insert their own opinions wherever they can. Give them the opportunity to do that by asking for advice from your followers. 

Maybe you are considering a mini remodel to class up your salon. Share some ideas you are thinking of and ask your followers what they like. 

You can even ask what kinds of content your followers want to see more of (of course we’d only do this after you have a decent amount of posts so your followers are familiar with the kinds of things you share). 

Ask questions

Beyond asking for advice, you can ask questions that encourage a response. Questions beginning with the words, “should,” “which,” “who,” and “would” tend to perform the best. This is also where you can really share the personality of your salon by the types of questions you ask.

Host a giveaway for your salon on Facebook

Put together a gift basket with certificates for your salon services and some of the products that you sell and host a giveaway in one of your posts. Boost that post and ask people to like your page to be entered into the giveaway. 

This is a great way to increase followers, but people also feel the need to comment on the post to verify their entry. You’ll probably see several comments like “Done!” and “Liked the page!”

Post “caption this” photos

Share a silly picture and ask your followers to caption the photo. It’s fun to see what kind of responses they come up with, and those responses come in the form of comments. Win-win!

Share news stories

Share local news stories that are interesting and get people talking. You don’t need to get political here. You can share the heartfelt stories of the local basketball team making it to state or the construction worker who saved a kitten. Show that you care about your community and provide engaging content that people like to share their thoughts on. 

Stay on top of your Facebook reviews

As your salon’s Facebook page continues to grow, you’re likely to get more reviews and recommendations on Facebook. This is great because it helps provide legitimacy to your business and ideally helps bring in more customers. But it’s important to stay on top of those reviews by acknowledging and responding to them. 

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