6 ways to promote your hair or nail salon on Facebook

In this 5-minute read:

  • Create a Facebook page 
  • Add lots of photos
  • Get customer reviews
  • Post regular content
  • Build your following
  • Boost posts and create ads

Customers are increasingly reaching out to businesses via their Facebook pages. Consumers just like to use Facebook as “social proof” before they commit to doing business with a salon they haven’t tried before. 

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If your salon isn’t on Facebook, you could be missing valuable opportunities to gain new customers. We’ll walk you through some of the main ways you can promote your hair or nail salon on Facebook. 

Create a Facebook business page

In order to promote your salon on Facebook, you first need a business page to promote. Does your salon have a Facebook page already? If so, make sure that you have access to it. 

If not, follow our step-by-step guide: How to create and claim your Facebook business page

Once your Facebook page is set up, you can now start communicating with customers via messenger and engaging with your community. 

In order to provide the best information for your salon, be sure to include all of the following items on your Facebook page:

  • The name of your salon (this should be the same name that is listed on your Google My Business listing and Yelp listing)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Open hours (including holiday hours)
  • Description of your salon
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Profile picture (use your logo to enforce your brand)
  • Cover photo (this can be a picture of your salon or stylists while doing their work)
  • Services and prices

Add tons of portfolio photos to your Facebook page

It is vitally important for salons to add photos of their work on their Facebook page (and all of their social media accounts and review site profiles). Most customers want to see examples of what you can do for them before they ever decide to step foot in your salon. 

Make sure you show off all of your best work on your Facebook page, and be sure to include plenty of variety. Pictures of the range of hairstyles, colors, and nail art that your stylists can do will only help you to attract more customers. 

These photos also add an extra element of trust and show customers that you really can do what you say you can do. It may be worth it to hire a professional photographer for a day and shoot a lot of pics. If that’s too much of an investment, we’re betting you have a teenage friend, niece, or nephew going through a “photography phase” whom you can bribe.

Get reviews on your salon’s Facebook page

Okay, so you have a page, you’ve added photos and info to it—now you need some customer recommendations. Recommendations and reviews on Facebook are very powerful. 

For one, Facebook will let users know when their Facebook “friends” have left your page a review. And if they have, that is worth much more than the anonymous review of a stranger. 

The more positive reviews you have on your page, the better opportunity you have to convert the customers who land on your page. 

Here are a few ways you can get some new reviews on your Facebook page:

  • Simply ask for reviews. Provide excellent service and go the extra mile, then ask your customer for a review on Facebook. Happy customers don’t always think to leave a review and just need that little bit of encouragement. Remember, never ask for a positive or good review, or offer discounts or free stuff for a good review. Simply let people know that you appreciate their feedback online.
  • Add “Rate us on Facebook” signs in your salon. These can be on the checkout desk and on the front door/window. This is just another little reminder for customers that you are on Facebook and would love to hear from them. 
  • Include QR codes or instructions to leave a Facebook review on your receipts. 
  • Try reputation management software. Solutions like this can help you automate your review invitations and responses, saving you time and increasing your revenue. 

Post regular content

Now that you’re on Facebook and customers are starting to engage with your page, it’s important to post some valuable content. 

The best way to get more followers and customers from Facebook is to show off your work and provide valuable tips. 

Here are some ideas for some great content you can post to really get your followers to engage with your page:

  • The work that you do–hairstyles, haircuts, hair colors, nail art, etc.
  • Tips for how to do a specific hairstyle or nail technique
  • Hair care/nail care tips
  • Video tutorials
  • Employee features
  • Special deals or promotions

Increase your Facebook following with boosted posts

Your Facebook page isn’t going to take you very far if no one can see your posts, so it’s crucial to build up your page’s following. 

Beyond getting new reviews and posting content, one powerful way to increase your salon’s Facebook following is to boost your posts to local audiences. 

Whenever you create a post on your Facebook page, you have the ability to “boost” this post as an ad. That means that you can pay Facebook a small amount of money to share your content with specific audiences in your local community. 

With Facebook’s targeting capabilities you can choose the age, gender, interests, and locations of your intended audience so that your ads are only shown to those who are likely to do business with you. 

Then you can select a budget and how long you want your add to run, and watch it take off!

Once you’ve boosted a post, you’ll likely start getting reactions on it from community members—especially if they recognize someone in your post. When people “like” your boosted posts, you can then easily invite them to “like” your page. 

This is a great way to increase your following and spread awareness of your salon in your area. 

Set up Facebook Ads Manager

If you want some more customizable Facebook advertising options for your salon, you would benefit from setting up an Ads Manager account.

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to set specific goals for your ad campaigns, like getting more conversions or spreading brand awareness. You can customize your ad copy, use videos, or add in more custom images. 

Then, similar to how you would for a boosted post, you can select your budget, duration, and target audiences for your ad.  

Check out this article to set up your Ads Manager account. 

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