Common PPP Fast Lane Questions

How do I apply for PPP?

Fast Lane was built to help guide you through the process. Go to this page and we’ll get you started.

Below is a step-by-step video walk-through of the Fast Lane application process.

What is the status of my PPP loan application?

To check the status of your PPP Fast Lane application:

To check the status of your PPP Non Fast Lane application:

What are the steps in the application process?

  • 1. You enter and submit your information + documents
  • 2. Your information is under review
  • 3. Your lender preps your SBA loan application
  • 4. Your lender send you your SBA loan application to sign
  • 5. Your lender submits your application to the SBA to review
  • 6. The SBA reviews the application
  • 7. The SBA approves it
  • 8. You sign your closing documents from your lender
  • 9. Shortly after signing, you receive your funding from your lender
  • 10. If you chose to receive a First Draw + Second Draw loan you will receive an application for your second draw loan after your first draw application achieves Borrower Funded status
    • At this point, you would repeat the above steps for your Second Draw loan starting at step 3

Note: Womply is not a lender, but we help small businesses with the PPP

Video Walkthrough on how to upload additional documents, update your info, check loan status, cancel application, and request new DocuSign

I have not gotten a status update via email. Is my application ok?

We will only email you when your application moves to the next phase. If you want to check the status of your PPP Fast Lane application:

To check the status of your PPP Non Fast Lane application:

What does the status of my loan mean?

The following is a list of possible loan statuses and what they mean for you:

  • Started: This application has been Started but it’s incomplete and has not been submitted to Womply for review. You should complete the application and submit it to move the process forward.
    • To complete the application; please click on the application which is in started status and it will take you back to where you last left off. 
  • Womply Processing: This application has been Submitted to Womply for review and we are in the process of analyzing the information you provided. Check your Status Detail to see each part of your application and identify any areas that might need to be fixed.
    • In this status, if you need to make changes to the information on your application you will need to cancel and reapply. To cancel, please log into and choose the option to cancel. Please allow 48 hours to cancel. Cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.
  • Lender Processing: This application has been validated by Womply and submitted to an SBA-approved PPP lender. The lender is reviewing your information and will make a decision about whether your application can be moved forward.
    • In this status, if you need to make changes to the information on your application you will need to cancel and reapply. To cancel, please log into and choose the option to cancel. Please allow 48 hours to cancel. Cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.
  • Lender Processing – Monitor Inbox:The lender is processing your application and preparing to send it via DocuSign. Monitor your email inbox and spam folder carefully.
    • Please make sure you download a copy of this document for your records as we are not currently able to resend this information via docusign.
  • Borrower Action Required – Sign Application: This  application has been reviewed by your SBA-approved PPP lender and requires your review and signature. Check your email Inbox and Spam folder for an email from DocuSign that contains a link to your application. You must act on your application to move it forward. (What to do if you have not received your DocuSign documents).
  • Sign & Hold: You must sign your Second Draw application via DocuSign. Please monitor your email inbox and spam folder for this document, which will take a few days to arrive. Once signed, your lender will hold your Second Draw application until the SBA is ready to accept it. This holding period is required to adhere to SBA rules, which require that your First Draw loan must have been received in your bank account, spent on qualified expenses (including a payments to yourself), and marked as Fully Disbursed in the SBA’s systems. This often takes up to 7 days after your First Draw loan arrives in your bank account and depends on a variety of factors that neither Womply nor you can control. Once you have signed you Second Draw application your application will automatically be moved forward ASAP. You should not apply elsewhere during this time and no further action is required from you.
  • Lender Submitting: This application has been signed by the borrower and is being submitted to the SBA for approval.
  • SBA Processing: This application has been submitted to the SBA for review. The SBA will either approve or decline this application.
    • We cannot provide a time line of how long this step will take.
  • SBA Approved – Lender Processing Prom Note: This application has been approved by the SBA and the lender is preparing the promissory note to be sent to the borrower via DocuSign.
  • Borrower Action Required – Sign Promissory Note: This application has been approved by the SBA and the promissory note requires your signature. Check your email Inbox and Spam folder for an email from DocuSign. You must review and sign your promissory note to move this application forward. To avoid delays, check your application Status Detail to ensure your bank info is complete. Issues with your bank info will delay funding. (What to do if you have not received your DocuSign documents).
    • Please make sure you download a copy of this document for your records as we are not currently able to resend this information via docusign.
  • Lender Funding: This application is in the process of being funded by your lender. If the bank information you provided is valid then you will receive your loan via ACH transfer. Lenders have up to 20 days after the date on which a PPP loan is approved by the SBA to fund your loan. In most cases this funding happens within 2-3 business days after you sign your promissory note. To avoid delays, check your application Status Detail to ensure your bank info is complete. Issues with your bank info will delay funding.
  • Funding Problem: There is a problem funding your loan. You should check that your Funding Instructions are complete and that you have a verified bank account selected for your application. Your application can have this status if your funding instructions aren’t complete OR if your lender attempted to pay you via ACH and had a problem. This may happen if your bank told us they won’t allow your account to receive this PPP loan or if your lender’s attempted ACH payment was rejected. You should check that your bank details are correct, that you have a verified bank account selected on the “Confirm Funding” page. If you believe a payment was attempted and returned you should provide another bank account because once your bank rejects a payment you cannot receive another payment to that account again.
  • Borrower Funded: This application has been funded. The lender sent the money to the bank information provided. Depending on the recipient bank institution, it can take a day or two before the receiving bank will show you the money has arrived.
    • If you have not received funding 20 days after signing your promissory note, please contact us to assist you in resolving this issue.
  • Borrower Action Required – Fix Errors: This application has errors. The information you entered into the web form did not match the information you uploaded. Usually this means you entered a higher number into your loan request amount than we could support with the documents you provided. You can upload additional documents if you believe you may have failed to upload them. If you do nothing, we will automatically reduce your loan request amount to the amount supported by your documents. If this results in a loan amount we can serve, then we will move your application forward. If it results in loan that we can’t serve then your application will be cancelled.
    • To upload new documents, please use the upload documents option on your status page.
  • Womply Cancelled: This application was cancelled by Womply. Typically this means you did not provide sufficient information or our lenders cannot serve you. You may re-apply by starting a new application.
  • Borrower Cancelled: This application was cancelled because you requested cancellation.
    • This cannot be reversed. If you would like to resubmit an application, please go to
  • Borrower Action Required – Verify Bank Details: This application has an error that you must fix before it can be funded. You must follow the instructions to verify your bank account and/or your identity. If you don’t provide this info then your application may be withdrawn.
    • To verify you bank account, please follow the instructions in your email requesting this information.
  • SBA Declined – Fixable: This application was declined by the SBA. It appears that the reason may be fixable. We will contact you for additional information.
  • SBA Declined – Application Cancelled: This application was declined by the SBA for a reason that cannot be fixed within PPP Fast Lane. You may still be eligible to apply for a PPP loan with another lender.
  • Lender Declined: This application was declined by your SBA-approved PPP lender. If you believe this was in error you may re-apply with PPP Fast Lane.
  • Borrower Withdrawn: This application was approved by the SBA but you decided to withdraw it before you received your funding. Your lender will notify the SBA that you withdrew your application. We don’t recommend you re-apply with PPP Fast Lane again.
  • Lender Secondary Review: This application is undergoing a secondary review by the lender. This may indicate that a problem was reported by SBA.

How long will it take for me to receive my funds?

To understand how long it might take to receive your loan, it helps to know who is involved in the process and what their roles are.

There are three entities directly involved in PPP loans:

  • 1. The borrower
    • The business or person applying for a PPP loan (example: a self-employed person, an LLC with many employees, etc.)
  • 2. The lender
    • The SBA-approved institution that receives applications, submits those applications to the SBA, and provides funds to the borrower (example: a bank or credit union)
  • 3. The Small Business Administration (SBA)
    • The government agency that administers the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). They review every application before telling the lender whether the application is approved or rejected.

The most frequent source of delay is due to borrower error. Here are some of the most common problems that could cause your PPP loan to become delayed:

  • Basic info problems: Providing incorrect information on your application
    • Mismatched or incorrect business info (addresses don’t match, etc.)
    • Incorrect tax ID (Social Security Number, EIN)
  • Documents:
    • Providing incorrect or insufficient documents
      • Example: a 1099-MISC does not satisfy the requirement for a IRS Schedule C (Form 1040) for self-employed/independent contractors
    • Incomplete documentation provided
    • Low quality document
      • You must provide a high quality digital scan of all documents. If it can’t be read by software then your application will definitely be rejected and could possibly be delayed
  • Not completing all the required steps:
    • You have to make sure you get all the way through your application, review it, and sign it

While borrower errors are the biggest sources of delay, lender delays and SBA delays can sometimes occur.

Lender delays

Lender delays usually occur for the following reasons:

  • The borrower application is complex
    • Complex applications take more time and require more scrutiny
  • The borrower’s application had errors or inconsistencies
    • Many lenders run their own analysis on applications prior to submission to the SBA for approval. Errors at this stage can require back and forth with the borrower to get clarification, and in most cases require the filing of a corrected application
  • The application was rejected by the SBA with a hold code
    • The SBA has added new checks to minimize program fraud. Some of these checks mean the application will be cancelled. Others can be corrected, but that requires extra effort by lenders

SBA delays

The SBA must approve every single PPP loan, which means there may be some inherent SBA delays.

Additionally, the SBA was criticized for having an unacceptable rate of PPP fraud in 2020. The changes they instituted this year to prevent fraud have increased the time it takes for them to process loans. As a result, even perfect applications often take a few days for SBA approval. If there are errors with the borrower’s application then delays can increase significantly.

Long story short: how long it takes for you to receive your funds depends on a variety of factors. We urge patience, as delays at multiple levels can leave a borrower waiting without a clear sense of what’s causing the delay. However, it’s important to remember that the PPP is well funded, so as long as you qualify and you avoid the borrower errors listed above, you should receive your funds.

I never got my DocuSign, how can I have it resent?

Womply will resend unsigned DocuSign requests 2 times a day after the first 24 hours of you receiving the initial DocuSign application or promissory note. Unfortunately this is an automated process and Womply Support is not able to speed this process up. Please keep an eye on your email for the new DocuSign, and check your spam folder.

How do I cancel my application?

Depending on the status of your application, you may still be able to cancel your application by logging into and choosing the option to cancel. If your application has already been received by your lender or the SBA, you can decline to sign the agreements that we will send you. If you don’t sign these documents, your loan will never be funded.

How can I make changes after I submit my application?

For your security we cannot make any changes to applications. If you feel your application is incorrect, you can start a new application at 

Please use a new email address when starting a new application or, if you don’t have more than one email address, you can use the email address from your previous application by simply adding a “+” sign before the “@” in your email address.


Original email:

Reapply with:

Can I send Womply my documents via email?

No, you must upload your documents as part of your Fast Lane application process. Please see entering data into the Fast Lane for more information.

What if I don't have checks?

To apply with PPP Fast Lane a bank connection or voided check and bank statements will be required. If you don’t have checks available we can suggest you speak with your financial institution for temporary checks or you can move forward applying without Fast Lane at

Back to back First and Second Draw loans

If you asked for a First and Second draw then we will process your Second Draw application after you have received your First Draw funding.

The SBA requires that your First Draw loan also be statused correctly in their system prior to submitting a Second Draw application. Neither you nor Womply can speed up this process.

You should not start a new PPP Fast Lane application for your Second Draw (this will just cause duplicates in our system). And you should not attempt to apply for a Second Draw with another lender (you’ll be rejected by SBA).

Do not contact our support team about this or ask for it to be sent earlier.

Who handles my loan forgiveness application?

We are not processing forgiveness applications, nor are any Fast Lane lenders.

We will contact you after the PPP program is over and provide details on the forgiveness application process then. For the moment, our singular focus is on helping people access the PPP.

How can I contact someone for support?

We have handled over 100k live chats in a single week. We are not adding more support people because there’s not enough time to train them and at our volume that won’t scale. If you have a question, please use this FAQ. Otherwise put your complete question and details into our live support chat.

Our team won’t respond to cancellation, DocuSign, or status requests.

We are not offering phone support. If you have a complex issue you should apply with another lender–we are focused on serving as many people as possible without complex issues.

Womply does not ask for or accept files by email, text, or chat. If you send us documents through any means other than by uploading them in the correct place, you are jeopardizing your personal info and your application will not be processed.

Finally, please be kind to our team. If you’re rude, we may cancel your application and ask you to apply elsewhere.

Top 3 issues you can avoid

1) Stuck in Womply Processing 

Most likely you have an issue with your tax documents. Any errors with your tax docs will cause issues. You must upload the correct forms, from the correct year(s), and ensure your SSN and other identity info matches your application. If your documents are perfect then you may have incorrectly entered a different SSN from what’s on your tax documents. To fix this, you will need to re-enter your SSN again in the Edit Basic Info section.

Remember you can use 2019 filed, 2020 filed, or 2020 draft forms.

2) Stuck in Lender Secondary Review

Your application was likely flagged by the SBA, probably because you have a duplicate PPP loan (this would disqualify the application) or another disqualifying factor (this would disqualify you or your entity). We are not working to fix hold codes at this time, but we hope to start fixing some in April.

If you apply with another lender you are likely to encounter an identical issue with the SBA.

3) Stuck in Lender Funding

Lenders have up to 20 days to fund your loan from the date of SBA approval. Typically they fund within 5 business days. But they can’t fund you if your bank info is wrong or it changed. Upload all documents that are requested of you. Do not change your bank account info unnecessarily.

What are hold codes?

The SBA issues hold codes when there’s something wrong with your application and they can’t approve it. This document explains some of the things that can go wrong. The bad news is that we are not working to fix these problems for you. The good news is that the SBA is expected to release many of these hold codes automatically in the near future. And we will start exploring ways to fix some hold codes when we can with information on hand. If you get this message we recommend you go and upload your bank statement from February 2020 that shows business activity around Feb 15 2020. That’s one hold code we think we’ll be able to fix for some applicants.

How fast will my PPP loan be funded after it’s been SBA Approved?

Key points

  • Most loans from Womply lenders are disbursed within 5 days of SBA approval. The lender average across tens of thousands of loans is currently 4.1 calendar days from the time the borrower signs their promissory note
  • After your loan is SBA Approved, lenders have up to 23 days to disburse your PPP loan
  • All lenders are strongly incentivized to fund your loan (if they don’t, they earn no fee from the government)
  • The most common reason for delays in funding relate to borrower issues including not signing the promissory note from the lender in a timely fashion or problems with the borrower’s bank account
  • Borrowers can ensure prompt funding by following instructions regarding their bank accounts. Bank accounts must be open and must be able to accept ACH payments
  • Issues that involve suspected fraud may also delay funding; if not resolved these will delay payments further (regardless of other rules regarding timing of disbursements)


The SBA outlined rules regarding lender disbursements in a dedicated document–Business Loan Program Temporary Changes; Paycheck Protection Program—Requirements— Disbursements–in April 2020. In 2021, that document was updated to reflect additional changes to the PPP.

Here are the relevant rules:

  1. The lender must make a one-time, full disbursement of the PPP loan within ten calendar days of loan approval; for the purposes of this rule, a loan is considered approved when the loan is assigned a loan number by SBA.
  2. If the tenth calendar day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the period continues to run until the end of the next business day.
  3. Lenders are not responsible for delays in disbursement attributable to a borrower’s failure to timely provide required loan documentation, including a signed promissory note. Loans for which funds have not been disbursed because a borrower has not submitted required loan documentation within 20 calendar days of loan approval shall be cancelled by the lender.

This means that full disbursement of a PPP loan could be initiated within 23 calendar days of loan approval by the SBA. 

Once a loan is disbursed by a lender, it can take time to arrive into a borrower’s bank account. All lenders that Womply is partnered with use ACH as their only method of payment. ACH transfers can take 1-7 calendar days (this depends on factors such as time of day, day of week, your banking institution, your account type, and the standing of your account). Read more information on ACH transfers here.

Preventing funding issues

Borrowers should ensure their banking details are correctly entered when they initiate their application preferably by connecting their bank account using instant verification. Changes to banking information trigger immediate fraud flags which necessitate additional manual review, identity verification and sign off by lenders prior to funding. For this reason, borrowers should not seek to change their banking information unless absolutely necessary. If the borrower’s bank account is closed, the borrower should immediately open a new bank account in the name of their PPP application. The details of this bank account must be verified before funding can commence.

In some cases, banking institutions that are receiving funds may hold those funds due to their own business rules, which may include attempts to mitigate fraud. If an ACH payment goes missing or does not arrive in your bank account in a timely manner, the borrower should first contact their financial institution to see if their ACH payment is being held or delayed.

If the borrower’s financial institution rejects the ACH payment (called an “ACH reject”), then the borrower will be asked to provide another bank account that matches their identity. If they fail to do this in a timely manner, then the lender is required under SBA rules (see above) to notify the SBA that the loan cannot be disbursed. At that time the borrower’s SBA approval will be forfeited for that application. The borrower may then choose to apply with another lender.

If fraud is suspected and a borrower’s information cannot be confirmed, lenders will notify the SBA and the borrower’s SBA approval number will be invalidated. Remember, do not attempt to commit fraud with Womply PPP…you will be detected and reported to the SBA.

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