7 free online resources to help grow your auto services business

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  • Free online resources, blogs, and podcasts for your auto business

As the owner or manager of an auto shop, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the task of marketing and growing your business? With the ever-changing world of marketing and online media, it’s hard to know what to do and where to start. 

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Fortunately, others before you have stood in your shoes and found success. Through these helpful online resources, experts in the auto industry share their experiences and knowledge to help business owners like you thrive. 

1. Ratchet+Wrench

Ratchet+Wrench exclusively focuses on auto shop owners and helping them find success. They are a print and online magazine that profiles auto repair businesses, features industry leaders, and offers new ideas to help grow your business. 

Each issue includes topics crafted around making and saving money as well as topics surrounding customer service, leadership, and new technologies you should be using. 

This magazine includes real-world stories of auto service businesses that share the successes and failures that others in your industry have learned from. 

The best part of this resource is that you don’t have to subscribe to reap the rewards of their expertise. You can start reading articles for free on their website today. 

3 must-reads from Ratchet+Wrench:

2. Spectrio

Spectrio is one of the nation’s leading in-store marketing companies. Some of their services include digital signs, in-store music, scent marketing, and interactive kiosks. They are all about marketing your business the right way in your shop to create an experience that will delight your customers. 

Spectrio works with a variety of industries for which they post regular content to offer marketing advice. They have worked with auto repair shops and car dealerships alike, and they have an entire section of their blog devoted to the automotive industry to help shop owners like you find new ways to succeed. 

3 must-reads from Spectrio:

3. Repair Shop Websites

Repair Shop Websites specializes in designing and building websites for auto repair shops. With more than 14 years of experience in building and managing auto shop websites, they really know their stuff. They seek to bring their clients together as a community of successful auto repair shops and pride themselves in providing the best customer service. 

They are so dedicated to helping shop owners succeed that they regularly post articles on their blog to offer advice to customers and non-customers alike. Read their articles, check out their infographics, and watch and listen to their webinars and podcasts for helpful advice from leading experts. 

3 must-reads from Repair Shop Websites’ blog:

4. Shop Pulse

Shop Pulse has taken their expertise in the automotive industry and combined it with their knowledge of internet marketing to provide the perfect solution for auto shop owners. They build auto shop websites and help shop owners improve their online presence. 

On their blog, Shop Pulse offers a plethora of tips and tricks to help shop owners market and grow their businesses. 

3 must-reads from Shop Pulse:

5. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service is an automotive repair shop franchise in the eastern United States. They seek to help experienced techs start their own shop with one of their franchises. 

Their blog is focused more around advice for purchasing your own automotive franchise, but several of their articles are helpful for all owners of auto repair shops. 

3 must-reads from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service:

6. The Automotive Hour

The Automotive Hour is a weekly automotive repair podcast with more than 162 episodes and counting. Louis Altazan, the host, has more than 45 years of experience as an automotive tech and shop owner, and he shares his expertise and experiences in a light and entertaining way. 

You can listen to the show on Apple Podcasts as Louis and the AGCO Automotive Corporation discuss car repair problems and answer questions from live listeners. 

7. AutoShopOwner

AutoShopOwner is an automotive shop management network. With discussion forums and online groups and chats, they help shop owners network to get advice from others in their industry. 

Beyond the discussion boards, AutoShopOwner also has expert contributors who put together blog posts on a regular basis for their audience. 

Joe Marconi is one of the main contributors for AutoShopOwner, and you’ll see many articles from his point of view as a long-time auto shop owner of Osceola Garage in New York. 

3 must-reads from AutoShopOwner:

These are all great resources to keep under your belt as you continue to grow your auto business. And if you need help growing your customer base and managing your online reputation, Womply has a great reputation management software that can save your business an average of 10 hours per week! Learn more, plus get free reputation monitoring and customer insights when you sign up for Womply Free!


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