11 reasons to use Facebook advertising for your small business

In this 5-minute read:

  • Facebook’s demographic data is unparalleled
  • Consumers spend large amounts of time on Facebook
  • Get started with Facebook Ads Manager
  • Reach your specific audience with targeted Facebook ads
  • Cost/benefit ratio can be high

Facebook advertising can be a powerful way to increase your brand awareness, turn leads into customers, and ultimately grow your small business. 

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There are many ways that Facebook advertising can be advantageous to your small business, whether you are simply boosting a post or setting up a complete campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. 

PRO TIP: To get the most out of your Facebook ads campaign and receive all of the benefits that we outline below, follow our simple guide: How to set up Facebook Ads Manager for your small business.

Let’s go over the primary reasons you should consider Facebook advertising for your small business.

1. Everyone is on Facebook, including your potential customers

More than 2 billion people are active users of Facebook each month. In your community, it’s probably safe to say that there are more consumers (people who can make purchases) who are active on Facebook than there are consumers who are not on Facebook. 

facebook ads for small business 2

Take advantage of the sheer number of people that use this social media platform, and increase awareness by displaying ads tailored specifically to them. 

2. People spend lots of time on Facebook

Of the billions of active Facebook users, the average person spends about 43 minutes of their time each day scrolling through their Facebook feed. That’s a lot of time during which your business could be getting exposure through Facebook advertising. 

3. Facebook’s organic reach isn’t great

Simply creating a Facebook page for your business is usually not enough to gain any meaningful exposure on this platform unless people are already looking for your business by name. And even then, finding you can still prove a challenge for users. 

When you create a Facebook page, your business won’t magically start showing up in people’s feeds. What’s more, most people aren’t using Facebook primarily as a search engine to look for new businesses to shop with. 

So, you need to create Facebook ads to get in front of more people and increase awareness for your business. 

4. Facebook provides incredible demographic targeting capabilities

Facebook’s scary-good demographic data allows awesome targeting capabilities, which is super important if you want to display your business to those who fit your target market. Once you have your audience identified, you can create a specific audience for your ads to be shown to on Facebook. 

Targeting demographics/filters include:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Page roles (you can target business owners/managers who manage Facebook business pages)
  • People who like your page and their friends

You can test out different audiences to see what gets the most engagement and conversions.
facebook ads demographics

5. Facebook’s demographics data enables powerful remarketing capabilities

Remarketing is a way to market to people who have already shown interest in your business by visiting your website, giving you their email address, or using your mobile app. 

Facebook’s demographics algorithms are state-of-the-art, so with Facebook Advertising, you can set up ads that remarket to these consumers and draw them back to your business. 

6. Increase brand awareness via Facebook

One of the biggest reasons that businesses use Facebook advertising is to increase their brand awareness. When people are on Facebook, they aren’t typically shopping, so it may not always the most effective use of advertising dollars to try to gain a ton of new leads from Facebook—depending on your industry, that is. 

However, Facebook is a powerful way to increase your brand awareness through advertising. While people are spending time scrolling through their feed, they may scroll past your ad a few times throughout the week. 

While they may not engage with it or think much of it, the fact that people are seeing it helps to spread awareness. If they aren’t ready to shop for new products or services while they are on Facebook, they will still be more likely to recognize and consider your business when it’s time to start shopping.

7. Facebook advertising turns leads into customers

You can turn leads into customers with Facebook Advertising through its remarketing capabilities that we mentioned earlier. Continue to grow your list of leads through forms on your website, capturing contact information as you offer sweet deals. 

With Facebook’s other targeting capabilities, you can even narrow this remarketing audience down further by finding people who are exhibiting behaviors or interests that make them the perfect candidate for purchasing from you. 

8. Powerful CTAs on every Facebook ad

On any type of Facebook ad, you can include call-to-action buttons like “Call now,” “Contact us,” “Learn more,” etc. 

CTAs help show consumers how you want them to interact with your ad and help motivate them to click on it. 

Include CTA buttons that lead customers to relevant pages on your website, that guide them to call you for more information about a special offer, or any number of other ways they can engage with your ad and your business. 

facebook ads small business CTA

9. Facebook has robust analytics reporting

Facebook Ads has some sweet analytics reporting features that help you to know exactly how many people interacted with your ad, what they did, and how many people your ads reached. 

You can filter your ad results by specific time periods and demographics, and you can see exactly how much you spent and what that spend resulted in for your business.  

10. Facebook ads are easy to manage

If you’re not sure how to use Facebook Ads Manager (click to read our easy, step-by-step guide), you can still set up Facebook ads that are just as effective through boosting a post on your business page. These are super easy to set up. 

All you need to do is create a post, and then once it is live, click “Boost post” and set up your budget and audience for that specific post. 

And if you do want more customizable ads, Ads Manager really isn’t super complicated. It has a “guided creation” feature that will walk you through setting up your ads from start to finish. 

Read more: How to set up Facebook Ads Manager

11. Facebook Ads can be very affordable

Facebook Ads is an inexpensive way to advertise to tons of people online. You can boost a post on Facebook for $5-10 and hundreds of people may see it. 

When you create an ad and set your budget, Facebook will tell you how many people to expect your ad to reach with that budget. You’ll know exactly what you’re spending before you launch the ad and already have an idea of the results that you should receive from it. That’s pretty sweet!

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