May 22, 2019

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Minnesotans are a hearty bunch, but weather and other unforeseen factors impact our restaurant scene. To get some sort of barometer on how the industry is doing, Womply a front of the house software company for restaurants, has analyzed daily transactions for the 2018 calendar year at 42,223 local restaurant in the U.S., including Minnesota.

Here’s what they found out about restaurant sales in Minnesota:

  • Minnesota ranks 15thin the country for average restaurant revenues;
  • Restaurants in Minnesota pull in 8 percent more in daily revenue than the national average;
  • $1,370 in revenue is brought in on an average day;
  • Average ticket is $28.37, which is 22ndamong the states;
  • 55 percent of all revenue comes in between Friday and Sunday, with Saturday accounting for 20 percent of all local restaurant revenue.
  • Monday had the lowest sales, accounting for just 10 percent of all revenue;
  • Minnesotans spent on average $33.48 per ticket on Saturday (18 percent more than during the week);
  • Friday was the busiest day with the average transactions per restaurant at 60;
  • Mother’s Day, along with the day before and day after the maternal holiday, were three of the top five days of the years for Minnesota restaurants. Cinco de Mayo was No. 3.

To compare those stats with our neighboring states: Wisconsin was ranked 47th in average restaurant revenues, with the average daily revenue at $837 and 27 transactions a day. Average ticket size, however, was higher than Minnesota at $30.48, compared to $28.37.

Iowa was ranked 37th in revenues with $984 in average sales a day for a ticket size of $24.92.

Surprisingly, Vermont restaurants pulled in the most revenue in the U.S., with average daily sales of $1,731. Average ticket size was $38.22.

[To read the most recent report, go here.]

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