May 17, 2019

What’s the best state in which to operate an independent restaurant? (Restaurant Business) »

Looking to open an independent restaurant?

Operators might want to set up shop in Rhode Island.

Indies make more money in Rhode Island than another other state, raking in 48% more in daily revenue than the national average.

That’s according to a study of 2018 transaction data at 42,223 local, non-chain restaurants across the U.S., conducted by software provider Womply.

On any given day, the average small restaurant made $1,272 from 45 transactions with a ticket size of $28.38, the study found.

Rhode Island independent restaurants, on average, saw revenue of $1,883.

The busiest small restaurants, the study found, are in North Carolina, with 63 average daily transactions. And consumers spend the most in Vermont, where Womply found the average ticket to be $38.22.

So where are some of the least-profitable places for independent restaurants?

Indies in Mississippi make an average of $708 each day, 44% less than the national average, according to the survey. And the average ticket in Utah is $20.97, 26% below the country average.

The best days for local restaurants in 2018 included the day before Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day, the study found.

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