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Analysis: liquor store sales data reveals the biggest drinking days of the year

The holiday season is upon us, which means Americans will be doing lots of shopping, eating, and drinking. As we’ve written […]

Nov 15, 2019

9 common small business tax mistakes you need to know about

In this 5-minute read: Common business tax mistakes How to avoid small business tax errors Not many people enjoy doing […]

Nov 15, 2019

7 pitfalls of employee delegation and how to avoid them

In this 6-minute read: Why should you learn to delegate? The difficulties of delegating 7 pitfalls of delegating to employees […]

Nov 14, 2019

How long should you wait before replying to an online review?

In this 5-minute read: When is the ideal time to reply to customer reviews? Should you wait to respond, even […]

Nov 13, 2019

Small business: How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

In this 6-minute read: Work-life balance for small business owners Delegate Set boundaries Take breaks And more Running a small […]

Nov 12, 2019

How to create ads in Instagram Stories for your small business

In this 5-minute read: What are Instagram Stories ads?  Ideas for your Instagram Stories ads Best practices Plan your ad […]

Nov 12, 2019

How to market your hair or nail salon with Instagram Stories

In this 5-minute read: What is Instagram Stories?  How can Instagram Stories help market your hair or nail salon? Instagram […]

Nov 12, 2019

How to use Instagram Story Highlights to market your small business

In this 5-minute read: How can Instagram Story Highlights help me market my business? How to create Instagram Story Highlights […]

Nov 11, 2019

How to analyze your Facebook Ads data

In this 6-minute read: What are your goals for Facebook Ads? Calculate your ROI The most valuable Facebook ad metrics […]

Nov 11, 2019

Small business: 10 tools for sharing content on social media

In this 7-minute read: Why use tools for social media management Free tools for posting on social media Low-cost tools […]

Nov 11, 2019

How to promote Tweets on Twitter for your small business

In this 6-minute read: What is a promoted Tweet? Why you need Twitter for Business Best practices for Twitter advertising […]

Nov 08, 2019

Top 10 most important online review platforms for your small business

In this 6-minute read: The big three: Google, Facebook, and Yelp Other important review listing sites to focus on Which […]

Nov 07, 2019

Make it easy for customers to review your business on Google: send a link!

In this 4-minute read: Why you need Google reviews Encourage customers to leave Google My Business reviews 2 ways to […]

Nov 05, 2019

11 reasons to use Facebook advertising for your small business

In this 5-minute read: Facebook’s demographic data is unparalleled Consumers spend large amounts of time on Facebook Get started with Facebook […]

Nov 05, 2019

9 reasons why your restaurant needs online ordering and delivery services

In this 5-minute read: Reasons to use online ordering/delivery for your restaurant Third-party services to try In today’s fast-paced world, […]

Nov 04, 2019

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