Pay business expenses with your credit card and keep cash on hand.

Use your credit card to pay any business, even where cards are not accepted.

Womply Solutions - Bills

Pay business expenses with your credit card and keep cash on hand.

Womply Solutions - Bills

Use your credit card to pay any business, even where cards are not accepted.

How it works

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Make a payment

Add your credit card and tell us who, when, and how much to pay.

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Womply charges your card

We add a 3% fee on top of your payment.

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Womply sends a check

We track your payment end-to-end.

Earn credit card rewards when paying business expenses.

Enjoy all the benefits of paying with a credit card, including points and rewards, and drop the hassle of mailing paper checks.

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No hidden fees.

We charge one industry-low fee, and show you upfront before you send your payment.

TIP Use a card with cash back rewards to further reduce the cost to you.

Add flexibility to due dates.

Schedule a payment in minutes, and don’t pay the bill until you’re ready.

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Protect your cash on hand without high-cost cash advance fees.

Pay any business bills with a credit card to preserve your cash on hand for unforeseen emergencies and only pay a nominal 3% fee.

Simply add your credit card and recipients, and we handle the rest.

Avoid cash advances, save time on check writing and mailing, and track your payments end-to-end.

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Bills Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to make a payment?


We charge a fixed percentage, 3%, of the amount being sent to the recipient. For example, if you’re paying a recipient $1000, the service is $30 for a total of $1,030 charged to your credit card.


What is required to add a recipient?


We require each recipient to have:

  • An address that is verified with the USPS.
  • A phone number or email for verification purposes.

If either of these checks fail, you will not be able to add the Recipient.


When does my card get charged?


We charge your card 3 days before the send date. Prior to charging your card, your request is reviewed to make sure it’s valid. If your payment request fails, your credit card will not be charged. We’ll provide you with an error message letting you know what happened. You can use the ’Pay again‘ button to quickly copy the payment request information and try again.


How long does it take for funds to arrive to the recipient?


The funds are sent as a check sent via USPS First Class mail, and will arrive in 4 to 6 business days from the send date specified on the request.


Can I track the delivery of the payment?


Yes, we provide status updates to the request as we get them from the courier. Go to your Payment history and click on the order ID to view the current status of your payment and the delivery.


How do I know if my bill has been paid?


We can only notify you about the status of the delivery. The recipient of your funds will be responsible for crediting the payment to your account. Because of this, the actual crediting date of your payment may differ from the date that it arrives at its destination.


Can I pay with an international card?


No, only U.S. credit cards are accepted.


Can I pay with a gift card or prepaid card?


No, gift cards and prepaid cards are not accepted.


Can I cancel a payment request?


Yes, but the process depends on whether or not the payment has been sent:

  • If the payment has not been sent, find the payment in the payment history section of your account, click the Order ID, and click ‘Cancel’ on the payment details page. We’ll void the card transaction(s) or issue a refund (including fees).
  • If the payment has been sent, you’ll need to reach out to our support team with your Order ID. Important note: this cancellation process may not be successful. See “What happens when I try to cancel a payment that has been sent?” for more details.


What happens when I try to cancel a payment that has been sent?


We’ll attempt to issue a stop payment. If the stop payment is successful, you’ll receive a refund on your card for the delivery amount only. Fees are not refundable once the payment has been sent. In addition, there is a $31 fee for issuing a stop payment (this is what we pay to our bank to stop the transaction). This will be also charged to your credit card. For example, if we stop a $1,000 check with a 3% service fee, $30 service fee + $31 stop payment fee = $61 charged to your credit card. $1,000 will be refunded back on to the card.


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