August 25, 2015

Axia Payments Partners with Womply to Offer Axia Insights

SANTA BARBARA, CA AUGUST 25, 2015: Axia Payments, a leader in payment processing, and Womply have partnered to offer merchants Axia Insights, a platform that gives merchants a 360-degree view of their business performance.

Axia Insights brings the analytic power of large enterprise software to small businesses. By capturing and consolidating revenue performance, social media activity, local events, online review postings, and more, Axia Insights allows business owners to interpret and take action on the various drivers that affect their revenue on a daily basis. Industry-relevant revenue ranking comparisons, city-wide benchmarking, year-over-year revenue trending, and real-time reputation monitoring and management are all part of the valuable information available to Axia Insights customers.

“Axia has led the way in payment processing for over two decades. With the introduction of Axia Insights, we’re proud to to announce another way that we help our clients ‘beat yesterday’,” says Randal Clark, CEO of Axia. “Partnering with Womply has allowed our sales team to differentiate by leading with Axia Insights. Our merchants benefitting from Axia Insights are more loyal too because of the 360-degree view of their business it provides. Now our small businesses can protect their reputation effortlessly, gather market intelligence, and make smarter decisions for their business through Axia Insights.”

With the launch of Axia Insights, small businesses have a powerful platform that gives them instant visibility into key areas impacting revenue and provides them with competitive intelligence. The suite of relevant email notifications that are pushed out to the merchant via Axia Insights ensures that the right information is delivered to the business owner, manager, and their staff at the right time. Managing social media, monitoring competitors, and tracking revenue is taken care of, so business owners can focus on other important daily activities.

“We believe in providing our partners and their merchants with the assets they need to grow and protect their business,” said Cory Capoccia, President at Womply. “By enabling merchants to take positive and proactive steps for their business via Axia Insights, we are enabling Axia to acquire merchants more efficiently and retain merchants longer, resulting in more value creation for all parties. Together with Axia, we empower merchants to grow, protect, and simplify their businesses.”


About Womply

Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect, and simplify small business. Every day we serve tens of thousands of merchants, across 400+ business verticals, in every corner of America. Womply helps merchant-focused companies and organizations acquire, retain, and monetize merchants. To learn more, visit or email info(at)


About Axia Payments

Axia Payments provides industry-leading payments technology and commerce solutions to merchant businesses as well as software providers across the country. Our solutions are designed to increase client revenue and productivity. In turn, clients, as well as partners, can focus on their business while we build and manage their payment program to give them the most from every transaction. To find out more about our company, please visit or email info(at)

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