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6 proven methods to improve your business’s online reputation

In this 5-minute read: Provide a memorable customer experience Improve your website Get regular online reviews (and respond to them) […]

Feb 21, 2020

What to do when you get a fake Google review of your business

In this 5-minute read: How to tell if a review is fake How to respond to fake reviews How to […]

Feb 19, 2020

How to choose the right email marketing solution for your business

In this 5-minute read: Features to consider when choosing an email marketing solution Top email marketing solutions for small business, […]

Feb 13, 2020

How to turn customer data into customer loyalty

Smart small business owners understand the value of repeat customers—who, research shows, spend 67 percent more than other customers. What’s […]

Feb 07, 2020

How to set up a Talkwalker account for your small business

In this 5-minute read: What is Talkwalker? Free tools that you can use with Talkwalker How to set up Talkwalker […]

Feb 04, 2020

How to remove Facebook reviews from your local business page

In this 5-minute read: Can I remove a Facebook review? Should I remove Facebook reviews? When should I remove Facebook […]

Jan 30, 2020

Small business taxes: what you need to know in 2020

In this 10-minute read: An intro to small business taxes Other business-related taxes you might have to pay What forms […]

Jan 23, 2020

Everything you need to know to start a home-based small business

In this 10-minute read: Have a solid idea Questions to ask Laws and regulations Create a business plan and get […]

Jan 15, 2020

Does Dry January mean less money for local bars, lounges, and liquor stores?

Dry January, a month-long practice to abstain from alcohol to start the new year, is still a pretty new idea. […]

Jan 10, 2020

Why your retail shop should sell on Amazon (and how to get started)

In this 7-minute read: Reasons why your retail shop should start selling products on Amazon Pros and cons of selling […]

Jan 09, 2020

Womply vs Podium comparison: pricing, features, and more

In this 5-minute read: What is Podium? Podium pricing and features Womply pricing and features Podium versus Womply Reputation management […]

Dec 13, 2019

Womply vs BirdEye comparison: pricing, features, and more

In this 4-minute read: What is BirdEye? BirdEye pricing and features Womply pricing and features BirdEye versus Womply Online reputation […]

Dec 12, 2019

How to set up an eCommerce store for your small business

In this 11-minute read: Decide what products to sell Will you warehouse your own products or dropship? Come up with […]

Nov 26, 2019

What’s the best point of sale (POS) system for your small business?

In this 10-minute read: What is a point of sale (POS) system? What should a good POS system do? Questions […]

Nov 25, 2019

Analysis: liquor store sales data reveals the biggest drinking days of the year

The holiday season is upon us, which means Americans will be doing lots of shopping, eating, and drinking. As we’ve written […]

Nov 15, 2019

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