August 04, 2020

Womply Launches Womply Bills, Allowing Businesses to Pay Virtually Any Expense By Credit Card (BusinessWire)

  • Businesses can use any U.S. based credit card to pay practically any company in America, even if they don’t accept card payments.
  • Payments arrive within 7 to 9 business days.

REMOTE – August 4, 2020 – Womply, a local commerce platform that provides apps, APIs, marketing, and financial tools to make local commerce happen, today announced the public launch of Womply Bills – an effortless way for business owners to pay any bill with just a credit card, even where cards are not accepted.

Businesses continue to spend a significant amount of time and resources to pay important bills (like rent, utilities, and taxes) from vendors that often do not accept credit cards. Simultaneously, many businesses aren’t able to access capital when they need it most, because banks and other lenders fail to extend it during these unpredictable times. Womply Bills solves these problems by allowing businesses to use their existing credit cards to pay any business, ensuring their payments are made on time while preserving their cash on hand for any unforeseen emergencies.

“Despite the cost and grief, companies still have to use paper checks to pay their bills,” says Womply Founder Toby Scammell. “But, it doesn’t have to be so expensive, cumbersome, or time consuming. Womply Bills alleviates these pain points with an elegant solution that’s simple to use and benefits the business owner. Now, businesses can extend their cash, avoid costly cash advances, and better budget for expenses, all while saving time, gaining flexibility on due dates, and racking up credit card rewards, points, and cash back.”

Any U.S. business can use Womply Bills to pay practically any expense – from rent to mortgage payments, and utilities to taxes. Once a business signs up for Womply Bills, they follow a simple 3-step process to pay any bill:

  1. Make a payment: The business adds their credit card and identifies who they are paying, when the payment should be sent, and the amount of the payment.
  2. Womply charges the preferred card: A nominal 3% fee is added on top of the payment. Many business credit cards offer between 1.5% and 5% cash back, so the fee can be offset by the myriad advantages of credit card rewards. 
  3. Womply sends the payment to the selected recipient: The payment is tracked end-to-end, and is delivered in as little as 7 business days.

Womply Bills is designed to alleviate pain points that have been exacerbated by the economic impact of Covid-19. According to The Washington Post, 97 percent of companies say they still cut paper checks to their business vendors and receive checks from their business customers. Additionally, most businesses still pay at least 50 percent of their bills using paper checks, even though they lose anywhere from $4 to $20 to cut, mail, and process each paper check within their network. 

“This pandemic has underscored the need for small business owners to have full control over their cash on hand,” says Scammell. “We’re proud to provide Womply Bills as another tool to help small businesses weather this storm and drive the American economy forward.”

Womply Bills is available now to try for free. For more information and to sign up for free, visit 


About Womply

Womply’s mission is to help local businesses thrive in a digital world. Founded in 2011, Womply is a local commerce platform that provides apps, APIs, marketing, and financial tools to make local commerce happen for over 500,000 American businesses and their customers. All of Womply’s products and services are powered by the Womply Commerce Graph, a proprietary data asset that offers the most complete view of local commerce. To learn more, visit or email

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