March 18, 2019

Survey: Denver Bars See Higher Profits On St. Pat’s Than Super Bowl & New Year’s (CBS Denver) »

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend is one of the most profitable holidays for local bars and restaurants, according to research company Womply. A survey showed sales in Denver grow by 114 percent on St. Patrick’s Day, beating out Super Bowl Sunday, Cinco De Mayo and New Year’s Eve.

One of the bars to capitalize on the sales influx was Revel Social, a newcomer to the Downtown Denver bar scene. Opened in November, 2018, the owners attempted to make it one of the main places to go for St. Patrick’s Day.

“We lucked out having some good weather this weekend, after having that bomb cyclone,” said Chase McNary, Director of Communications for Revel Social.

The bar teamed up with others to create a block party outside of Coors Field. The party featured drinks, music and more. It attracted thousands.

“Sales have definitely spiked for us. It has been pretty phenomenal to see,” McNary told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. “Green beer is always a hot seller.”

“Definitely a big spike in numbers. Judging off of our busiest days, we have seen two-to-three times what we have done (before),” said Sean McCarthy, Managing Partner of Revel Social.

While Denver sees the 114 percent spike in sales on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, that is low compared to the national average. Womply said a survey of 3,500 bars across the United States showed the national average as a 122 percent spike.

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