November 24, 2018

Local stores tackle Black Friday (KIDK) »

With Black Friday being one of the busiest shopping days of the year, local businesses were also stocked and ready for customers. But how did local stores compete with big box stores and their deals?

“It’s a big day for us. When you get to October or November in the bike business in Idaho, this is a huge part of your success,” said Doug Swanson, the owner of Bill’s Bike & Run.

“People are out and about, a lot of people off work,” said Steve Brady, one of the co-owners of Brady’s. “They have time to stop in and shop these great products we have here.”

Based on 2017 statistics from Womply, Black Friday was 128.5 percent better than an shopping average day in Idaho.

Some of these local stores said they do not try to compete with big retailers on this day. They instead, enjoy the consistent crowds they get.

“It’s just nice and steady,” Brady said. “If we get hit that hard, we can’t help the person. We do individual help. That is hard to do when you have 50 people come in at once, then of course the phones are ringing. It would be hard. I like the steady traffic.”

While these businesses might not get mile long lines outside their doors, they still see big increases in sales.

“Somewhere around 30 percent of out total income (for the month) is to come from this weekend,” Swanson said.

It is not just Black Friday local stores are excited for, many are prepping for this weekend’s Small Businesses Saturday.

“Saturday we are going to have 15 percent off everything,” said Kimberly Johnson, the owner of WeeBee Toys. “Its really our big kick off for December shopping.”

Stores like to see the community support local businesses, especially on these busy holiday weekends.

“We’ve been here for 71 years,” said Swanson. “It’s just tradition of, I bought my first bike here and for me to now start thinking about my grandkids riding a bike from here, it is just a cool thing to have in your community.”

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