February 02, 2018

Last Super Bowl wasn’t a TD for Philadelphia bars & restaurants. Will this year be different? (Philadelphia Business Journal) »

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Cities with NFL teams typically see a bump in business during the Super Bowl, but the big day wasn’t so lucrative for Philadelphia establishments last year.

That could change now that the Philadelphia Eagles ended their years-long drought at a chance at Super Bowl glory. But it could go both ways, based on the performances in Boston and Atlanta last year.

The Super Bowl last year was poor in terms of revenue generation for Philadelphia restaurants and bars, according to data by Womply, a tech company that monitors transaction data at over 4 million small businesses.

Philadelphia restaurants saw 15.5 percent less in revenue during the Super Bowl compared to the national average.

Womply looked at the 30 cities with NFL teams and analyzed the average dollar figure and number of transactions at bars and restaurants during the 2016-17 season.

Nationally, there was about a 1 percent bump in business during the Super Bowl. Boston, Houston and Cincinnati in 2017 saw the largest spikes at 58 percent, 48 percent and 36 percent, according to Womply.

Philadelphia’s 15 percent decrease in revenue generation during the Super Bowl last year puts it at No. 27 out of the 30 NFL cities Womply analyzed.

That may change this year now that Philadelphia is in the Super Bowl.

But an increase in business isn’t a sure-fire thing.

The Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons went head-to-head during the Super Bowl last year — with the Patriots claiming victory — and while Boston restaurants and bars increased revenue by 58 percent on Super Bowl Sunday, Atlanta businesses saw a 9 percent decrease in revenue, according to Womply.

Philadelphia could go either way, but Eagles fans showed they’re willing to go out and celebrate at neighborhood restaurants and bars.

Local businesses saw an uptick in business after the NFL Championship game last month when the Philadelphia Eagles bested the Minnesota Vikings in s 38-7 victory.

Nationally, the Pro Bowl and the divisional playoffs during the 2016-17 season saw bigger bumps in restaurant and bar traffic than the Super Bowl, at 5 percent and 18 percent.

Philadelphia saw 10 percent and 10.1 percent less in revenue during the Pro Bowl and the divisional playoffs, according to Womply.

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