July 20, 2018

Kansas ranks in bottom half of local sales, but Wichita may fare better (Wichita Eagle) »


Since we had Lucinda’s Valerie Reimers on the phone this afternoon, it was opportune to ask her about a new study by the technology company Womply that puts Kansas in the bottom half nationally for sales at local stores.

Kansas ranks No. 32 in what shoppers spend at small, independent stores. On average, it’s $1,214 a day.

Kansas ranks No. 40 in average order sizes at $110.

With the big shop-local movement in Wichita, are things really that bad?

“I don’t really get the sense of that in Wichita,” Reimers says.

She says every year, she’s “blown away” at the success of Small Business Saturday.

“We get a lot of love.”

Reimers says there’s an awareness here of shopping local.

“It seems to be important to a growing number of Wichitans.”

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