Q&A with Womply: on the Role of Data in Modern SaaS Development and the Womply Commerce Graph (SourceForge)

By Zenica Joy  June 18th, 2018   A report from the IBM Marketing Cloud revealed that a full 90% of the […]

Jun 20, 2018

Software Needs a New Mission: Helping Small Businesses Thrive (Medium)

Something happened on the way to software eating the world: small businesses got left behind. Way behind. It makes sense when […]

Feb 05, 2018

What does San Francisco’s Dreamforce conference mean for small businesses?

As San Francisco is consumed with Saleforce’s annual conference celebrating SaaS in the enterprise, small businesses celebrate their own SaaS adoption milestone. 

Nov 08, 2017

What Deloitte’s new accounting platform says about SMB tech

The largest professional services firm in the U.S. rolled out a new platform. Here’s what it tells us about the SMB tech market.

Sep 25, 2017

Fresh Tracks: Rail, roads and a highly educated workforce have helped make Utah a tech and finance hub (U.S. News & World Report)

It took 90 years and $4.5 billion to build the first phase of a new subway line in New York […]

Mar 08, 2017