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How to market your business on LinkedIn (includes important tips!)

In this 5-minute read: Why is LinkedIn good for marketing (particularly B2B)? How to create a LinkedIn company page Tips […]

Oct 23, 2020

How to create a business email account (and important tips)

In this 6-minute read: Why use a business email address How to create a business email account Tips for using […]

Oct 23, 2020

5 top promotion ideas for your restaurant (and how to get started)

In this 7-minute read: What are promotions? Top promotion ideas for restaurants Ways to announce your restaurant promotions Creating promotions […]

Oct 16, 2020

How to get more comments/followers on your hair/nail salon’s Facebook page

In this 6-minute read: How to get more engagement on Facebook for your nail or hair salon  How to get […]

Oct 14, 2020

3 easy ways to create email templates for small business marketing

In this 5-minute read: What is an email template? Advantages of using email templates When to use an email template […]

Oct 13, 2020

9 effective hair salon promotion ideas

In this 6-minute read: Creative and effective ideas to market your hair salon Marketing, advertising, promoting–whatever you want to call […]

Oct 08, 2020

Facebook Marketplace step by step: how to get set up and list items

In this 5-minute read: What is Facebook Marketplace? Ways to use Facebook Marketplace for business How to list your inventory […]

Oct 07, 2020

Top 5 ecommerce marketing tools for small business

In this 5-minute read: Email marketing Social media management Referral programs Online advertising assistance User interaction and analytics Selling online […]

Oct 06, 2020

5 places to advertise online besides Google and Facebook

In this 5-minute read: Why every small business needs to use online marketing methods Alternative advertising solutions to Google and […]

Oct 02, 2020

10 free SEO auditing tools: Why and how to use them

In this 9-minute read: Most important SEO metrics Free SEO auditing tools and how they work SEO (search engine optimization) […]

Oct 01, 2020

5 reasons to use Facebook Live for your business (with tutorial)

In this 4-minute read: What is Facebook Live? Why use Facebook Live for your business? Creative ways to use Facebook […]

Oct 01, 2020

How to change your Google My Business to a service area listing

In this 4-minute read: Why use a Google service area listing? Pros and cons of service area listings on Google […]

Sep 30, 2020

Top 5 small business marketing mistakes

In this 6-minute read: Why you shouldn’t spend money on advertising right off the bat How crucial is an online […]

Sep 22, 2020

How (some) restaurants and food shops are thriving during the pandemic

In this 6-minute read: Why COVID-19 has been an unexpected blessing for some restaurants and food shops How restaurants can […]

Sep 19, 2020

The definitive guide to Google Local Services ads (with walkthrough)

In this 7-minute read: What is Google’s Local Services? How can Local Services ads benefit your business? How to set […]

Sep 18, 2020

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