25 Small Business Insurance Mistakes That Cost You Money (Fit Small Business)

By Benilyn Formoso – Suralta  on April 11, 2018  Running your own business increases your liability. For this reason, it’s important […]

Apr 12, 2018

Experts Weigh In: How Can You Rebuild Your Business After a Natural Disaster? (MyCorporation)

Businesses can be rebuilt after natural disasters — our experts explain how to start the recovery process. By: Deborah Sweeney From […]

Nov 08, 2017

Small Business Threat Index (Insurance Journal)

Sponsored by: Womply Format: Whitepaper Published: October 1, 2017 Topics: Commercial Liability, Commercial Property, Sales & Marketing, and Overview Which threats are the most damaging […]

Oct 30, 2017

Here’s how small businesses can survive a hurricane

Most local businesses survive hurricanes. Here’s a field guide to increasing your odds of rising above the floodwaters if a big storm hits your company. 

Oct 05, 2017

The surprising impact of hurricanes on local businesses

We analyzed transactions at more than 30,000 local businesses affected by 2017 hurricanes. What we found was not what we expected. 

Oct 04, 2017

Floods, fires, and sales slowdowns are top threats to SMEs: Study (Insurance Business)

by Lyle Adriano 29 Sep 2017 SME software developer Womply recently conducted a study to find the top risks small […]

Sep 29, 2017

How do local businesses protect themselves against major threats?

Local business owners are pretty scared of threats to their revenue or physical stores. What are they doing to protect those assets?

Sep 28, 2017