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5 top promotion ideas for your restaurant (and how to get started)

In this 7-minute read: What are promotions? Top promotion ideas for restaurants Ways to announce your restaurant promotions Creating promotions […]

Oct 16, 2020

Top 3 ways to track/manage business receipts (plus helpful tips!)

In this 4-minute read: Top ways to track and manage receipts Tips for managing your business receipts As consumers, we […]

Oct 15, 2020

How to get more comments/followers on your hair/nail salon’s Facebook page

In this 6-minute read: How to get more engagement on Facebook for your nail or hair salon  How to get […]

Oct 14, 2020

3 easy ways to create email templates for small business marketing

In this 5-minute read: What is an email template? Advantages of using email templates When to use an email template […]

Oct 13, 2020

9 effective hair salon promotion ideas

In this 6-minute read: Creative and effective ideas to market your hair salon Marketing, advertising, promoting–whatever you want to call […]

Oct 08, 2020

How to get a client to respond to you: 6 proven ways

In this 5-minute read: 6 ways to get an unresponsive client to communicate What if your client has an unpaid […]

Sep 25, 2020

Top 5 small business marketing mistakes

In this 6-minute read: Why you shouldn’t spend money on advertising right off the bat How crucial is an online […]

Sep 22, 2020

How (some) restaurants and food shops are thriving during the pandemic

In this 6-minute read: Why COVID-19 has been an unexpected blessing for some restaurants and food shops How restaurants can […]

Sep 19, 2020

How you can (and should) modify your marketing strategy during COVID-19

In this 6-minute read: Why you should keep marketing during COVID-19 How to adapt your marketing strategy to the pandemic […]

Sep 08, 2020

9 reasons you should ramp up business operations gradually during/after COVID-19

In this 6-minute read: Why you may want to ramp up operations more slowly, despite spikes in demand Unforeseen consequences […]

Aug 25, 2020

How to deal with customers who won’t wear a face mask

In this 4-minute read: How to encourage customers to wear a face mask What to do when a customer refuses […]

Aug 24, 2020

6 ways to improve employee face mask, PPE, and sanitization compliance during COVID-19

In this 4-minute read: Create a PPE use policy Communicate the PPE policy Listen to and resolve employee concerns Provide […]

Aug 14, 2020

Free site builders: Which one is right for your business? Pros and cons

In this 6-minute read:  Top free website builders for small businesses Pros and cons of several popular site builders Examples […]

Aug 05, 2020

How to build your own business website (step-by-step walkthrough)

In this 12-minute read: Building your own website from scratch using Squarespace Things to consider before you get started Tutorial: […]

Jul 23, 2020

What are some alternative ways to accept credit cards?

In this 5-minute read: PayPal Etsy and eBay Cash advances Alternatives to traditional credit card processing Why you should consider […]

Jun 26, 2020

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