Womply SBA Loan Referral Program Terms & FAQ


What does a business have to do in order for me to qualify for the referral reward?

In order for you to qualify for a referral incentive, each business has to complete two steps:

  • STEP ONE: Let us know they’re interested in a loan by visiting the Womply SBA loan request page and filling out the form.
  • STEP TWO:  Be approved for an SBA loan through one of Womply’s SBA-Certified lending partners. To qualify as a valid referral, the amount of the loan must be greater than $20,000.


How will I receive my referral reward?

All rewards will be paid out via Tango Card. You will receive a URL link sent to your email where you will be able to cash out your reward payments in the form of cash-equivalent Visa cards, or you may select any combination of gift cards from over 60 different retailers.


How can I receive my referral code?

Your referral code and referral link can be found in your referral dashboard. You can login to your referral dashboard by visiting referrals.womply.com 


How long will it take to get my referral reward once I qualify for a reward?

You should expect to receive your reward via email within 30 days of a referred business being approved for a SBA loan. This reward will be delivered to the email address you provided.


Are there any limits to the amount of referral commission I can make?

There are no limits! You will be paid for every single qualifying business that signs up and adds their banking credentials. However, once you reach 12 completed rewards ($600 in referral commission), a valid W-9 form must be completed before additional commissions can be earned/paid.


How will I know when someone I refer signs up?

You will be notified via email any time someone comes to Womply requests an SBA loan. You will be notified again when their SBA loan is approved and you’ve earned your reward.


Does a business have to pay for Womply in order for me to get my reward?

No! There is no paid subscription required for this. A business simply needs to request to be 


What happens if a business owner clicks the referral link from two separate people? Who will get credit for the referral?

Referral credit will be given whichever individual referrer’s link the business owner clicked first.


Who do I reach out to with additional questions on the program? 

Please direct all questions related to the Womply SBA referral program to referrals@womply.com

Disclaimer: Womply reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.