May 17, 2016

Womply launches Statboard with interesting facts about small business & consumer spending

Today we are launching Statboard, a single source for interesting facts, statistics, and trends regarding small and medium-sized businesses, consumer spending, and credit card usage.

Womply’s growing portfolio of partnerships provides us with unique access to billions of credit card transactions. Our software combines this info with business and employment data, online business profiles, and consumer demographics, to give small and medium sized brick-and-mortar businesses tools that have historically only been available to much larger businesses or online companies.

The Womply Analytics team builds the tools and algorithms that powers Womply’s software, which in turn helps America’s business owners and managers grow, protect, and simplify their businesses. Statboard leverages the same analytics capabilities to yield insights that are applicable to the broader market and population.

Here are just a few of the statistics that are included in Statboard:

  • In 2015, the average credit card transaction in high income areas was 53% higher than in low income areas
  • Suburban customers spent 12% more per transaction than urban customers in 2016
  • Urban and suburban SMB retailers saw double the revenue decline in 2015 (-3.5%) as compared to rural shops (-1.7%)

For added context, our research team has also presented notable statistics from other leading industry sources. In addition to regular Statboard updates, we will also be publishing more in-depth analyses about consumer spending and SMBs.

Statboard content is available for public use with attribution.

If you’re interested in learning more about Statboard or you’d like to join Womply’s Analytics team to help us with our mission, please email

About Womply
Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect, and simplify small business. Every day we serve tens of thousands of merchants, across 400+ business verticals, in every corner of America. We’re hiring in both San Francisco and Portland for engineering, devops, design, sales, marketing, business development, account management, and more.

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