April 19, 2017

Womply Launches ‘Protect’ to Safeguard Small Businesses Against Digital Threats

Womply Protect automates and simplifies important tasks like online threat monitoring and third-party reviews management so merchants can take control of their digital destinies

SAN FRANCISCO – April 19, 2017 – Womply today unveiled Womply Protect, a suite of integrated front office software products and features designed to help small businesses protect vital aspects of their businesses through automated alerts and an easy-to-use web application. With Womply Protect, merchants can receive proactive threat alerts, encourage positive online reviews, receive direct customer feedback, safeguard important information, and more from a single login.

Womply Protect addresses the growing need for busy small business owners to manage their digital identities without wasting effort, time, or money to do so. Research shows that consumers are increasingly relying on reviews and other online information about businesses to make purchasing decisions. Womply Protect enables merchants to use data and cloud-based technology to simply and efficiently take control of their online business presence to attract more customers, increase sales revenues, and safeguard important business assets.

“Increasingly, customers are being won and lost online before they even set foot inside a merchant’s business. It’s never been more important to have a plan for managing your online business footprint,” says Womply President Cory Capoccia. “Small business owners work very hard to build their companies, and they need better tools to protect them. We launched Womply Protect to offer targeted solutions for some of the biggest challenges local merchants face today.”

As one example, Womply Protect enables merchants to use the newly launched Get Reviews feature to manage online reviews and attract more customers. With Get Reviews, merchants can send customers a request to rate their experience from 1-5 stars, and the feedback goes directly to the merchant. From there, the merchant can encourage happy customers (4-5 stars) to publish reviews on popular consumer sites and intercept negative reviews from less happy customers (1-3 stars) before they post something online.

In addition, Womply Protect helps small businesses:

  • Protect their online business reputation with Reputation Defense. Review, manage, and respond to online reviews on popular sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook from one place, measure the impact of online ratings, and compare online reputation trends to similar local businesses.
  • Increase customer engagement with Customer Feedback. Create anonymous texting channels with customers to receive direct feedback, build rapport with customers, and increase engagement and loyalty.
  • Turn on automated 24/7 threat monitoring with BizShield. Receive timely alerts when the business receives a new online review, the company’s website has a problem, or there’s a change with the local market or competitors.
  • Make sure customers can find them online with Launchpad. List the business on popular sites to show up in online searches, and take control of the business’s online presence by claiming company pages.
  • Give important files and passwords bank-level security with Vault. Securely store tax documents, business licenses, insurance policies, logins, and passwords in one place.

“Local businesses need the power to compete against larger companies that deploy sophisticated technology platforms and data science teams to understand and respond to evolving customer needs,” says Regan Bushman, merchant success specialist for Womply Protect. “No small business has the time, resources, or desire to add more complexity to their business, so we designed Womply Protect to streamline and automate vital front office processes and help owners and operators more efficiently and effectively protect their most important assets.”

To learn more, contact our Womply Protect team at 855-466-7542 or protect@womply.com.


About Womply
Womply is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider to small and medium businesses and one of the fastest growing software companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect, and simplify small business. Every day we serve tens of thousands of merchants, across 400+ business verticals, in every corner of America. To learn more, visit http://www.womply.com or email info@womply.com.

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