October 27, 2019

Womply Launches API Developer Platform to Supercharge Software for Local Businesses

  • Launch coincides with Womply crossing milestone of 450,000 small businesses customers served by its proprietary CRM and marketing software

SAN FRANCISCO – October 27, 2019 – Womply, a software and API company serving small businesses and app developers, today launched the Womply Developer Platform to help software developers unlock the power of local commerce data to build more powerful and useful applications for underserved small businesses.

In addition, Womply today announced that more than 450,000 small businesses now have active accounts for Womply software. Womply’s small business customers span nearly every American zip code in all 50 states, across more than 400 distinct industries. 

Powered by the Womply Commerce Graph—which combines data from hundreds of sources to create profiles for 10 million businesses and 274 million consumers—the Womply Developer Platform puts the world’s most valuable local commerce data to work for software, hardware, advertising, financial services, and other app developers via APIs. 

“Small, local businesses are the heartbeat of the American economy, but they’ve been left behind in the digital age because their data lives in silos,” said Womply Founder and CEO Toby Scammell. “We’ve spent the better part of a decade trying to unlock data from myriad sources for small businesses and make it useful through intuitive software. Our goal is to make every solution that businesses use—from their advertising to their telephones to their websites—smarter and more powerful. We’re thrilled that we can now offer the benefits of this data asset to other software developers whose focus is improving local commerce.”  

The integrations in the Womply Developer Platform unlock dozens of use cases, including data enrichment, benchmarking, onboarding, authentication, and more. With Womply APIs, developers can:

  • Improve targeting and relevance of marketing, driving better results and higher return on spend. 
  • Measure offline attribution and conversion, bridging a critical gap for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Scale adoption of apps by providing faster, frictionless access to relevant products and services so small businesses can get more value from apps, faster.
  • Personalize app experiences with more relevant features and tools, so small businesses get features that are better tailored to their needs. 
  • Shorten “time to wow” in an app with access to more valuable types of data.

The Womply Developer Platform magnifies the value of data that has historically been relegated to silos and lacked the structure to be useful. 

“In addition to serving small businesses, Womply has forged strong partnerships with many of the most influential companies in the payments industry,” said Womply Co-founder and President Cory Capoccia. “We’re committed to helping our payment partners increase the value and relevance of their important services, and we see the launch of the Womply Developer Platform as a major victory in our ongoing work to help our partners deliver more value to their merchants.”

Prior to launching the Womply Developer Platform, Womply’s proprietary software was the first “customer” of the structured data now available via API. The Womply Commerce Graph currently powers the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, which helps small businesses attract and retain more customers through online reputation management, business insights, and email marketing. 

To ensure extreme rigor in privacy and security, Womply has applied the highest levels of technical and operational protections to data contained in the Womply Commerce Graph, including thorough and comprehensive inspections on legal, technical, financial, and other dimensions. Womply is Level One PCI DSS compliant, the highest bar for payment data security. 

“We believe businesses should have a right to access and control their data so they can put it to work for them, which is why we’ve built our platform with consent at its core,” said Scammell.

Software developers can find more information, including use cases, sample code, and answers to frequently asked questions, at https://www.womply.dev. Developers can also apply for API access. 

About Womply

Womply’s mission is to help small businesses thrive in a digital world. Founded in 2011, Womply is the leading provider of data and software to local businesses and the top software partner to the payments industry. Our AI-powered data platform powers our CRM and marketing software, which serves more than 500,000 small businesses in every corner of America. In addition, Womply’s data platform helps innovative developers create more powerful software for businesses and consumers alike. To learn more, visit www.womply.com or email info@womply.com.

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