February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day just another day for most Arkansas restaurants (Times Record) »


Unless it’s a small, intimate venue like 21 West End in downtown Fort Smith, local restaurants are not likely to be booked up in Arkansas on Valentine’s Day.

According to a report from Womply, the business analysis group, Valentine’s Day is actually the 105th best sales day of the year for restaurants in Arkansas.

It turns out that Cinco De Mayo, the celebration of Mexican culture on May 5, is actually the best sales holiday of the year in Arkansas for restaurants. According to Womply’s report, with Cinco De Mayo in Arkansas comes a 49 percent increase in transaction volume and 54 percent increase in total sales.

The Womply report states that Valentine’s Day has a mere 8 percent increase in transaction volume and 13 percent lift in revenue compared to an average day.

Kevin Dory, owner of 21 West End in downtown Fort Smith, said Tuesday the seats are all reserved for today other than the 9 p.m. hour.

On average, Arkansas’ restaurants make $27,000 per month in sales revenue, ranking the state No. 48 among the 50 states and Washington D.C., Womply adds. Arkansas restaurants earn 52 percent of their revenue between Friday and Sunday. The average restaurant in Arkansas sees 35 transactions per day at an average ticket of $25.28 with daily revenue of $894.

On the national level, the best sales day for restaurants in Mother’s Day with a 12 percent increase in transaction volume and 64 percent boost in revenue, Womply states. Nationally, Valentine’s Day is the 107th-best sales day for restaurants with a 4 percent increase in transaction volume and 18 percent boost in revenue.

“Overall, the data tells an interesting story of Valentine’s Day being a mediocre day with about the same amount of foot traffic in restaurants,” Dan Lallie of Womply writes. “It does, however, show that people are more inclined to spend more money in the name of love.”

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