March 30, 2018

Utah Ranks No. 6 In The Nation For Eating Local (Utah Public Radio) »

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Utah ranks number six in the nation for eating local.



26,000 Independent Restaurant transactions were analyzed every day for a year. Utah stands out from the other 50 states in more ways than one.

Utah ranks No. 6 nationally for consumer spending at small, independent restaurants, with local eateries bringing in an average of $64,693 each month, according to new data analysis from Womply.

“Which says that people spend a lot of money eating out here, they do it frequently and it’s to the benefit of our local restaurants,” said Brad Plothow, vice president of marketing and communications at Womply

Plothow said Utah is sometimes labeled as having poor restaurant choices, but the data tells a different story.

“That’s really not true when you know where to find them and clearly people are finding them,” Plothow said.

The people in Utah also have different behavior patterns compared to other top ranked states.

“Sunday is only six percent of the week’s revenue for Utah restaurants,” Plothow said. “That’s about a third of what you see nationally. Then you see these big boosts on Monday and Saturday.”

For example, two out of every five restaurants in the country have their best sales day of the year on Mother’s Day, a Sunday.

“In Utah that’s the 298th ranked day out of 365,” Plothow said. “The fact that Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday. The consumer behavior is fundamentally different in Utah compared to everywhere else in the country.”

The people of Utah eat out on different days of the year compared to other states, but according to Plothow the data suggests we care about the small businesses in our communities. Utah restaurants make close to $400 more a day than the national average.

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