May 03, 2015

UMS Banking and Womply Partner to Offer UMS Insights

LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) MAY 03, 2015: UMS Banking and Womply have launched UMS Insights, a leading web-based technology solution for merchant analytics which helps merchants grow and protect their businesses.

Main Street merchants have been largely neglected and fundamentally underserved in the digital era. No more. Today, merchants are eager to learn more about their customers, competitors and even how their own business is affected by outside factors like holidays, weather and local events. UMS Insights is an opportunity to provide Main Street merchants with tools that Fortune 500 business have benefitted from for years.

Merchants are busy and resource constrained and activities such as keeping a pulse on their marketplace online or understanding their revenue trends often take a lesser priority. UMS Insights provides the tools for merchants to tend to these areas and differentiate the management of their marketing and business decisions. With a 360-degree view of their business across revenue, online reputation, social media activity, and other local activities such as weather, UMS merchants are now able to digest large amounts of information about their business and translate that information into actionable decisions.

“UMS Insights adds a high-quality and high-touch solution to our product portfolio”, said Joyce Gaines, CEO of UMS Banking. “Our primary goal is to increase the production and profitability of our clients, and we can leverage UMS Insights to further propagate this value. Since being the first to launch wireless technology into the banking industry in the 1990’s, UMS has consistently lead the industry in technology and the adoption of a high value merchant analytics solutions further strengthens our position.”

UMS Insights gives small and medium sized businesses the same powerful tools that large enterprises benefit from on a daily basis, including a better understanding of their customers and competition. Now, small-business merchants are equipped with the information they need to compete and win against much larger companies.

“UMS Banking is keen on providing the highest quality service and solutions to their customers—a vision which closely aligns with our own,” said Cory Capoccia, President at Womply. “We both recognize that merchants face an assortment of challenges on a daily basis and equipping them with the capabilities required to protect and grow their revenue will strengthen the merchant’s view of UMS Banking as a strong partner.”

“Part of the reason we chose to partner with Womply to make UMS Insights available to our merchants is their training, support and first class customer service which now serve as an extension of our own resources,” said Joyce Gaines of UMS Banking.

About Womply

Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect, and simplify small business. Every day we serve tens of thousands of merchants, across 400+ business verticals, in every corner of America. Womply helps merchant-focused companies and organizations acquire, retain, and monetize merchants. To learn more, visit or email info(at)womply(dot)com.

About UMS Banking

UMS Banking, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been an industry leader in banking services, technology and processing solutions for over 37 years. UMS partners with financial institutions and other industries to provide payment solutions to merchants nationwide.

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