March 15, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day a boon for restaurants in Kentucky, study says (The Lane Report, Kentucky) »

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St. Patrick’s Day is a good holiday for small, local restaurants in Kentucky.

The data science team at Womply analyzed transactions at 26,000 independent eateries in all 50 states for every day of the 2017 calendar year to get a full view of consumer behavior. One timely finding: St. Patrick’s Day is the 3rd-best holiday of the year and 23rd-ranked revenue day out of all 365 days for small, local restaurants in Kentucky, ranking ahead of Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and more.

A few details about how the average local restaurant in Kentucky fares on St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Total sales increase by 45%
  • Kentucky restaurants see 70 transactions instead of the usual 49
  • Average ticket increases about 1% over the average day to $26
  • St. Patrick’s Day is the No. 3 holiday and No. 23 day of the entire year for restaurant sales in Kentucky
  • Average revenue day for restaurants in Kentucky: Total sales = $1,273, # of transactions = 49, average ticket = $25.94
  • On St. Patrick’s Day: Total sales = $1,844 (45% increase), # of transactions = 70 (+ 21, or 44% increase), average ticket = $26.21 (1% increase)

In short, people don’t spend much more on St. Patrick’s Day, but more people go out to eat. As a result, only Mother’s Day and Cinco De Mayo are better holidays for the bottom line at local restaurants in Kentucky.

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