November 24, 2018

Nevada leads nation in small retailer revenue on Black Friday (My News 4) »

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year for Nevada.

Of the 1.6 million adults planning to shop in Nevada over the weekend, nearly 70% of them will shop on Black Friday, according to the Retail Association of Nevada.

The association also says an estimated $560 million dollars will be spent over the holiday weekend, a large portion of which will be spent on small local retailers.

Last year on Black Friday, Nevada led the nation in average daily revenue for small retailers, according to small business software company Womply.

The software company even accounted for outliers and looked at 54,000 local independent retailers nationwide, including 650 in Nevada.

These mom-and-pop shops averaged sales of $7,848 on Black Friday. That’s over double the national average of $3,087.

Nevada small retailers also saw about 14 more transactions on average per business during Black Friday. Retailers in Nevada also make on average $70 more on each transaction.

According to a 2017 data report from Womply, these are the top five states with the highest average sales revenue per small retailer:

  1. Nevada: $7,848
  2. New Hampshire: $5,097
  3. New York: $4,966
  4. Nebraska: $4,913
  5. Utah: $4,604

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