June 05, 2017

Integrity Payment Systems Partners With Womply to Empower Merchants With Big Data and Analytics Platform

Merchants can now use Integrity Insights, a simple-yet-powerful technology and data platform, to simplify daily operations, monitor and manage threats, and find new growth opportunities

Des Plaines, IL (PRWEB) — June 03, 2017 — Integrity Payment Systems, a respected leader in payment processing and merchant services, today announced it has partnered with Womply to offer Integrity Insights, a technology and data platform that makes it easy for merchants to grow, protect, and simplify their businesses.

“Online marketing and reputation management are of the utmost importance for businesses of all sizes, which is why we are so enthusiastic about our new partnership with Womply,” said Mike Ponder, President and CEO of Integrity. “We know that our merchants and sales partners will benefit greatly from this new product.”

With no initial setup required, Integrity Insights automatically monitors vital aspects of a merchant’s business so they can better understand their revenue, customers, competing businesses, local markets, and more. Integrity Insights uses data dashboards to help merchants identify sales trends, consumer spending and loyalty patterns, and the company’s top customers. Message prompts help merchants take action on critical threat response tasks such as updating their websites or managing online reviews on popular sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google from a single place inside the platform.

Integrity Insights adds to Integrity’s suite of products and solutions designed to help merchants supercharge every aspect of their business. In addition to its industry leading live customer support team, Integrity offers a variety of tools for payment processing, direct settlement, point of sale, security, and fraud protection. Integrity Insights fills key needs for Integrity’s merchants by enabling them to efficiently track company vital signs and automate the processes of monitoring and responding to emerging threats and opportunities.

“For a long time, the sheer scale of big-box companies has prevented smaller merchants from fully leveraging their unique strengths in providing a high-touch customer experience and incredible product and service offerings,” says Cory Capoccia, president at Womply. “Today, we’re seeing a renaissance on Main Street as merchants deploy easy-to-use technology tools to neutralize the advantages of larger competitors and amplify their own strengths. Integrity Insights helps merchants very simply add digital-age sophistication to their businesses without getting bogged down by cumbersome tools and additional tasks that require time they don’t have.”

About Womply

Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect, and simplify small business. Every day we serve merchants across 400+ business verticals, in every corner of America. Womply helps merchant-focused companies and organizations acquire, retain, and monetize merchants. To learn more, visit http://www.womply.com or email info@womply.com.

About Integrity Payment Systems

Payment Technology. Business Solutions. Delivered with Integrity. Integrity is a full service payment solutions provider leveraging a suite of products and services including EMV technologies, terminals, POS integrations, and secure payment gateways backed by world-class customer service and support. Integrity is headquartered in Des Plaines, IL. Learn more at integritypays.com.

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