June 07, 2019

Free Doughnuts – And Tax Tidbits – On National Doughnut Day (Forbes) »

Today, some establishments will celebrate by giving away doughnuts. To kick things off, Entenmann’s and The Salvation Army will be delivering free donuts to more than 20,000 veterans all over the country. Click here to see a full list of delivery events by state.

When you stop by, be prepared to chat with your fellow doughnut lovers: According to data analysis from Womply, a small business software company, National Donut Day is the eighth best sales day of the year for local bakeries across the country — when consumer spending jumps 57% as compared to a typical day. That’s because National Doughnut Day brings in more customers. Womply found that National Doughnut Day is big for bakeries because more people are buying donuts, not because people are buying more donuts.

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