November 01, 2018

Candy and food embrace Halloween marketing (Ragan’s PR Daily) »

This Halloween, many food retailers and chains are hoping their marketing tricks can persuade consumers to buy their treats.

Spending surrounding the holiday is increasing, giving more incentive for brand managers to craft Halloween campaigns that stand out and capture consumers’ attention. reported:

A survey commissioned by Citi Bank of 2017’s celebrations revealed that millennials spend up to twice as much as any other generation in the lead-up to the 31st, with over a quarter of each consumer’s average spend going on confectionery alone.

Many of these discounts and giveaways are meant to drive visitors on a typically low-sales day.

USA Today reported:

Brad Plothow, vice president of brand and communications for Womply, said the small business software provider analyzed more than 26,000 restaurants and in 2017, Halloween ranked in the bottom 15 percent of revenue days.


“If you’re not in the mood for parties or trick-or-treating, Halloween is a great day to go out to eat,” Plothow said. “It’s one of the slowest sales days of the year, with visits down about 20 percent, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a table at your favorite local haunt.”

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