June 28, 2016

Atlantic Pacific Processing Systems Partners with Womply to Offer Insights (BUSINESS WIRE)

BUSINESS WIRE: Atlantic Pacific Processing Systems Partners with Womply to Offer Insights

Merchants Gain Business Intelligence and Reputation Management Capabilities to Drive Growth

June 23, 2016 10:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atlantic Pacific Processing Systems (APPS), a leading merchant payment solutions provider, and Womply have partnered to offer APPS Insights, an entire platform dedicated to the three core areas of focus for merchants — revenue, reputation and competition. APPS Insights is a powerful tool that takes valuable information surrounding merchant businesses and converts it into actionable intelligence.

Growth remains top-of-mind for small business owners, but when they are mired in day-to-day operational issues, focusing on taking the necessary actions for growth becomes difficult. With APPS Insights, owners have ready access to business-critical information and can take action directly from the platform’s dashboard. Powerful data analysis in an easy-to-understand format enables merchants to make smarter, more informed decisions that can positively affect business results.

“Two key points of differentiation our company delivers are the ability to work seamlessly with any depository banking institution, and to facilitate dynamic and specialized solutions for our merchants,” said Abe Maghaguian, president and chief executive officer for APPS. “With APPS Insights, powered by Womply, we are excited to continue differentiating our merchant product offering,” added Maghaguian. “Now, all our merchants can leverage a single source to manage online reputation, while understanding how the market is performing around them. This level of business intelligence is something we are extremely proud to deliver to our merchants,” continued Maghaguian.

Online profiles with a reputation score are becoming more prevalent in today’s Internet economy. Most consumers are leveraging these profiles to make buying decisions; however, business owners do not have an easy way to track, monitor and manage reputation effectively which impacts growth. By using APPS Insights, business owners can view reputation across profiles and directly manage what customers are saying to ensure their businesses are represented fairly and accurately. APPS Insights ties this capability with a suite of alerts that notify merchants of any major reputation updates or news about the competition so owners remain aware and can act quickly, if necessary.

“Womply was founded on the belief that business owners want and need enterprise-level tools on small business budgets that consistently deliver the promise of growth, protection and simplification,” said Cory Capoccia, president at Womply. “By partnering with APPS, we can continue expanding this belief by providing their loyal merchant base with access to this incredible platform,” added Capoccia. “By placing critical business intelligence like online reputation, business performance and market activity in front of merchants, business owners can make faster decisions to drive growth,” indicated Capoccia.

About Atlantic Pacific Processing Systems (APPS)
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with operations in Fountain Valley, California, APPS provides merchant credit card processing services throughout the United States as a merchant acquirer. APPS helps merchants implement cost-effective and efficient transaction processing solutions which are competitive, scalable and tailored to specific business operations and environments to save time and money. For more information, please visit www.approcessing.com or email info@approcessing.com.

About Womply
Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. Our mission is to use technology and data to grow, protect and simplify small business. Every day we serve tens of thousands of merchants, across 400 plus business verticals, in every corner of America. Womply helps merchant-focused companies and organizations acquire, retain and monetize merchants. To learn more, visit www.womply.com or email info@womply.com.

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