December 10, 2018

#511 Win Customers with Convenience (Small Business Radio) »

On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show…

In segment 1 with Shep Hypken, we talk about why no one wants to just buy your stuff any more; they want to buy a customer experience and they want CONVENIENCE. We’ll show you six strategies to add convenience to your small business so you can win customers.

In segment 2 with Denise Kohnke, we discuss why marketing departments are often diminished by company leaders. We set the record straight for how the marketing department’s efforts and results should be quantified, and how marketing departments should answer “What’s the ROI?”

In segment 3 with Toby Scammell, we agree that all small businesses need to be keeping track of their customers with a CRM – customer relationship management – tool. But unfortunately for a lot of brick and mortar retail businesses, the traditional CRM doesn’t work, since they may never capture anything beyond the customer’s name and CC number. How are you supposed to learn anything about your customer or keep in touch? We’ll introduce you to a tool that can help.


Segment 3: Toby Scammell founded Womply in 2011 after seeing first-hand how technology underserved America’s small businesses. Under Toby’s leadership, Womply has acquired more than 150,000 paying small business customers, become the leading software partner to America’s credit card processing industry, raised $50 million in growth funding, and expanded to hundreds of employees across offices in San Francisco, California and Lehi, Utah.

– Why don’t traditional CRM platforms work for brick and mortar retail stores?

– How do brick and mortar retail stores typically collect customer information?

– How does Womply help small businesses know and engage with their customers better?

– What are you able to see about a customer through Womply?

– What time and financial investment do small business owners need to make in Womply to get access to their customer data?


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