Frequently Asked Questions
about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

The PPP ended May 31, 2021. We are no longer offering active support. For questions regarding PPP forgiveness, visit

Pre-SBA Approval

Incorrect information on Application

Womply cannot update the information you provided on your application. To update the information, log in, select your application, and then select Edit Basic Info.

I failed the Docusign questions, what do I do?

To fix your failed DocuSign verification, please log in to your application and complete the manual identity verification steps. After you log in, select the application you need to verify, and then select Identity Check

How do I cancel at this stage?

Depending on the status of your application, you might be able to cancel your application by logging in and choosing the option to cancel.

If your lender or the SBA has already received your application, you can’t cancel it. But you can decline to sign the agreements that we will send you. If you don’t sign these documents, your loan will never be funded.

If there is a problem with the application, you can reapply. Please allow 48 hours for the cancellation process to finish. Cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.

I lost access to the email address or phone number I used to apply, what should I do?

If you lost access to the phone number you used to apply, you can have the verification code sent to the email address you used to apply. If you can’t access that email address, you will need to start a new application that uses your current contact information.

I got my first draw somewhere else, what should I do?

If you applied via a different lender process and PPP Fast Lane for your First Draw loan, and the non-Fast-Lane lender funded your First Draw loan, your original PPP Fast Lane application will be declined. You can submit a new application for your Second Draw loan only.

Once Verified, can an account become Unverified?

Yes. If we determine that the bank account has been closed, frozen, or had suspicious activity, it will be unverified. Or if we or one of our partners attempts to send or withdraw money from a bank account, it will be unverified.

Can I provide different bank info to my lender directly?

No. Our lenders require your bank account to be verified inside PPP Fast Lane. Don’t give your bank info to anyone else. Womply and our lenders will never ask for your bank details by email or phone.

Can I have more than one verified bank account?

Yes. But the first bank account that is verified in during your application will be attached as the funding method for your loan. Only one verified account can be selected in your application.

Can I change the bank account into which my funds are deposited?

After your bank account is verified, it’s attached to your application. You can change to a different verified bank account before you sign your promissory note.

We don’t recommend making unnecessary changes. Doing so could cause delays and possible cancellation. If your lender attempts to fund your account and it fails, you can select a different verified account so your lender can try again.

What if I see an account I don’t recognize?

This would happen only if you shared your PPP Fast Lane account with someone or you failed to log out of your browser session.

To make sure your account is secure and your application info is correct, select Review Application and then review the details. Then add a new verified bank account, complete the Identity Check, and select the account you want to fund

PPP Fraud

We know the vast majority of PPP borrowers are deserving, eligible businesses. We will seek to address potential fraud in a manner that minimizes the negative impacts to legitimate borrowers using our platform. 

Made a mistake?

If you’ve already received your PPP loan: You can repay your lender at any time. We strongly encourage you to do this if you are uncertain about whether you should have received a PPP loan. Neither Womply nor your lender can provide you advice on this subject.

If you haven’t received your loan yet and want to cancel: Depending on the status of your application you may still be able to cancel your application by logging in. If your application has already been received by your lender or the SBA, then you can decline to sign the agreements that we will send you. If you don’t sign these documents, your loan will never be funded.

Suspect fraud? 

If you suspect fraud with your application or you think your personal personal information may have been compromised, please report the incident directly to the SBA complaint portal. You may also contact us.

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