Legal Disclaimer

Womply PPP Fast Lane collects the minimum information needed to create your official application. This accelerated data collection flow is not a substitute for reading the legal documents you will sign.

Womply is not a PPP lender and is not engaged in making loans or extending credit to consumers or businesses. Additionally, Womply is not in the business of providing legal or tax advice. Instead, Womply is an agent to various PPP lenders, and these lenders compensate Womply for providing you with this PPP application portal and for providing them with other services.

Womply is not a party to your loan application. You are solely responsible for the quality, accuracy, and completeness of any information you submit in relation to your PPP loan application. Womply populates your loan application with information you have provided to Womply; prior to signing your application, you must review it for completeness and accuracy. Womply is not responsible for ensuring that your submissions comply with applicable laws, rules, and/or regulations.

Womply makes no representations regarding your eligibility or ineligibility for a PPP loan. Finally, Womply does not guarantee that a lender will approve your PPP loan application.

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