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Independent contractors, gig workers, and self-employed people without employees can get up to $50k in PPP stimulus in 2021!
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Up to 41.1M non-employer businesses could qualify for PPP

Housekeepers     Cleaners     Truckers     Real estate agents     Farmers     House contractors     Roofers     Repairmen     Cable technicians     Insurance adjusters     Masseuses     Hairdressers     Insurance agents     Drivers     Delivery people     Content creators     Photographers     Artists     Actors     Gardeners     Solopreneurs     Freelancers     Temp workers     On-call workers     Customer support reps     Writers     Researchers     Marketers     Electricians     Repairmen     Plumbers     Nurses     Health techs     Bookkeepers     Transcribers     Notaries     Interpreters and more.

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Fast Lane is built for you.


It's fast. It's simple.

It's here to help you get your PPP loans ASAP.

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It's fast. It's simple.

It's here to help you get your PPP loans ASAP.

Simple, 5-minute data collection process

Guides you through every step of the process

Automated first and second draw loan applications

I just wanted to thank you, I had no idea the PPP was an option for an independent contractor like myself. ... walked me through the application, and made me feel confident in your process.

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Stetson Rory Pentico

Owner CEO- Complete Home Services

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My business does not have multiple employees and/or I work for myself (e.g., Uber drivers, DoorDash couriers, independent contractors).

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