Womply vs BirdEye comparison: pricing, features, and more

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Online reputation management should be a part of every small business’s marketing strategy. Your online reputation—reviews, mentions, etc.—can make or break your opportunities to acquire new customers. 

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In this article, we’ll share the pricing and features of a popular review management service, BirdEye, and we’ll provide a comparison of Womply’s solution. 

What is BirdEye?

BirdEye is a reputation management solution that helps businesses gain insights from their customers, monitor customer feedback, and improve their online reputation from one single platform. 

They focus primarily on helping businesses improve their online reputations through managing positive and negative online reviews. 

BirdEye features

Let’s start by talking about the features that BirdEye can offer your small business. 

Review requests

With BirdEye, you can send invitations to your customers to request reviews via email, SMS, webchat, social media, BirdEye’s mobile app, or BirdEye’s in-store kiosk. 

Respond to reviews

When you get a new review on your business profiles, you’ll receive a notification from BirdEye. BirdEye allows you to respond to all of your customer reviews across multiple platforms from their user dashboard. You can also set up automatic responses to save time. 


The webchat capabilities with BirdEye can convert incoming webchats into SMS conversations for the convenience of both parties. 

Loyalty marketing

BirdEye’s platform integrates with your social media platform and allows you to share and autoshare new customer reviews. 

BirdEye Pricing

BirdEye has three different pricing options for businesses: Standard, Professional, and Premium.

BirdEye Standard 

BirdEye’s reputation management solution currently starts at $250/month for their Standard plan, which comes out to $3,000 each year. You can save an additional 16% on any of their plans by paying annually rather than monthly. That means this Standard Plan would cost $200/month or $2,400 per year if you pay up front. 

The Standard plan does not include the webchat and social media messenger features.

BirdEye Professional 

To benefit from those additional features you would need to opt for their Professional plan which starts at $350/month ($4,200/year) if you pay monthly or $300/month ($3,600/year) if you pay annually.  

BirdEye Premium 

BirdEye’s Premium option allows you to custom tailor your review software by adding premium features like social sharing, surveys, insights, and benchmarking. You’ll need to talk to a sales team member to discuss the options for your business and get a custom quote. 

cute customer service rep for womply vs birdeye

Womply features

Womply is a reputation management solution that focuses on helping small businesses thrive in our increasingly digital world. Let’s now examine some of the key features of Womply’s software. 

Review management and reminders

Womply’s solution allows you to read and respond to all your reviews from various platforms in one place with one login. 

You can send customers reminders via email and SMS to leave you online feedback, and can set up automated reminders. 

Respond to reviews

Womply will send you a notification when you receive a review on any of your integrated review platforms. You’ll then be able to respond to the review from your Womply dashboard or set up automated review responses (if you so choose) with the Pro plan. 


Womply’s exclusive “pre-populated” CRM comes pre-loaded with your customers’ transaction data and contact info, allowing you to send customer service, loyalty, or other marketing messaging with the click of a button.

You can automatically create and update customer profiles, add customer names and contact info from Womply’s database of 274 million American consumers, easily segment customers by who’s new, who’s loyal, who spends the most, and more.

Transaction data insights

Womply Business Intelligence gives you insights you’ve never had before about your company, customers, competitors, and more. 

Easily see every card transaction for your business, rank your revenue against similar businesses nearby, easily see if spending is going up or down in your neighborhood, and much more.

Marketing automation 

Get more customers with automatic emails, even if you don’t have their address. Send birthday emails, purchase summaries, special offers, and more. Strengthen customer relationships even when they’re not spending with you.

Womply Pricing

Womply has three pricing plans, and each step up includes some additional features. 

Womply Basic 

Womply’s Basic plan starts at $69 per month (discounted rates are available if you pay yearly). The features of this plan include:

  • One simple dashboard where you can read and reply to all of your reviews
  • Collect customer feedback and send review invitations
  • Track reputation trends across important review sites
  • Watch your revenue trends over time
  • Add customer lists and keep track of outreach
  • Email and live chat support with Womply’s team

Womply Plus

The Plus plan starts at $99/month (or discounted yearly) and includes all of the features of the Basic plan. Additional features of Plus include:

  • Pre-loaded customer directory with contact information that automatically adds each transaction
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Revenue to spending comparisons in local market
  • Track customer spending trends and loyalty
  • Email, chat, and phone support with Womply’s team
  • Personalized onboarding and training from Womply

Womply Pro

The Pro plan starts at $129/month (yearly discount will apply if paying up front) and includes each of the features in the previous two plans as well as the following:

  • Schedule thank you, birthday, feedback, and holiday emails
  • Create custom offers and send them to customers
  • Set customizable auto-replies to customer reviews

BirdEye versus Womply’s reputation management software

chart comparing features of birdeye and womply for reputation management

Most reputation management solutions have somewhat similar features and offerings, but there are a few differences between these two popular options. 

With Womply’s solution, you don’t have the webchat capabilities between you and your customer that BirdEye offers.  

BirdEye’s solution doesn’t have Womply’s “pre-populated” CRM that comes already loaded with all your customer contact info, and it doesn’t have Womply’s robust data resources based on 10 million businesses and hundreds of millions of cardholders that Womply has.

Both are great solutions and if you are looking to get started with a reputation management software, you just need to determine what will work best for your business. 

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