How we work.

Our high impact culture is reinforced by the following norms and expectations across the company.

We get the job done.

We act like owners in each of our roles, which means everyone has clear areas of responsibility and metrics to track progress. We do what it takes to deliver a big project, but we also take time off and recharge after hitting key milestones. New challenges will always pop up as we continue to grow, so everyone needs to be rested and ready to bring their best. In short, we value and reward results above effort.

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We are flexible.

Life doesn’t stop when you work at Womply, and we manage toward long-term sustainability. We encourage you to manage your own schedule, provide input on your team schedule, and take time off when you need or want it. We trust everyone on our team to handle their work, and we often plan work around life’s events. We demand excellence, so what matters most is not the number of days spent working but how productive we are as individuals, teams, and a company.

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We have fun.

We have fun both in the office—celebrating wins, cheering each other on in pie-eating contests, playing ping pong—and outside work—holiday parties, wine tasting, Top Golf and more. Each team is encouraged to develop their own activities and ways to celebrate wins.

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We see eye-to-eye.

We know that meeting face-to-face allows all teams to communicate candidly, iterate on ideas faster, and deliver better results. All three offices have communal areas for quick conversations, plenty of rooms for meetings, and are equipped with video conferencing to make every cross-office conversation as personal and valuable as possible.

While it may be necessary to work from home from time to time, we strongly prefer to have everyone in the office. If you’re sick, for example, we’d rather have you take the full day off than come into the office or work remotely. Rest up, enjoy your day off, and then come back recharged.

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We invest in our people.

People are our greatest asset, and we invest in them accordingly. In addition to our awesome benefits, we invest to help our people develop in their careers and achieve their professional goals. We have clear, unambiguous guidelines for what it takes to advance at Womply, so you’ll always know where you stand and how to get ahead. We support anyone who wants to take initiative and make a bigger impact.

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