Diversity is a competitive

We have one of the most colorful and diverse teams in startupland. Building a diverse team is the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business. We’ve invested early in culture, people, and processes to create a place where high performers can thrive regardless of their background, gender, race, country of origin, or religion.

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We apply the same high standards to every candidate.

We’re always looking for passionate, talented, and high-performing people. As such, we evaluate candidates to determine who is most likely to deliver results and we apply those standards uniformly across applicants and interviewees. We consider organizational fit with particular emphasis on alignment with our values. We don’t trivialize this issue, because it’s very important and we want to get it right.

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We invest in recruiting a diverse workforce.

We have open and candid conversations about attracting diverse candidates into our hiring funnel and go out of our way to find them. Our already diverse team tends to refer diverse candidates for consideration and our recruiters and hiring managers actively seek diverse candidates. There’s always more to do, but we’re committed to choosing from under-represented groups to find the best talent. We’re always striving to support a diverse workforce through our company’s culture, policies, practices, and benefits.

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