Who needs marketing automation? You do!

According to Forbes, small businesses spend 23% of their time manually inputting data. Think about that for a second: that’s nearly one-fourth of your incredibly busy day. Just inputting data.

Here’s another shocker for you: up to 80% of satisfied customers never come back.

Are you a small business owner who needs marketing automation? With Womply you can automatically send email marketing messages such as birthday wishes, purchase summaries, special offers, reminders, and more… even if you don’t have your customers’ addresses! Get a free, personalized demo today.

But the good news is, sometimes all it takes to get those customers back in your door is a little nudge. And with the right marketing automation system you can reach your past, current, and future customers at the right time to keep them loyal, happy, and spending with you again and again—and save yourself a TON of time every week.

Marketing automation is problematic for small businesses

Whether you’re talking customer engagement, loyalty programs, customer retention, or a dozen other terms describing how to effectively reach customers, what it really comes down to is “marketing.” And for small business owners, marketing is not just a potential headache… it’s a huge problem.

You know you need a small business marketing strategy, but you don’t have time to manage it.

You know you need addresses for email marketing to get customers back in your door (because email marketing is hands-down the most powerful, effective, and efficient marketing tool for small businesses), but you don’t have a system or method for collecting contact info, and even if you did, you don’t have time to create and send email campaigns anyway.

So small businesses often turn to “legacy” marketing methods like TV, newspaper, or radio ads, local mailers, or even paying a local marketing agency to “handle it.” Results are almost always unimpressive, particularly for the money invested.

What’s a better approach to small business marketing? Start with the crucial first step of claiming your business’s online presence so you can improve your business reputation and engage existing customers, and then boost your marketing efforts and save time by automating key tasks.

Go deeper: read new research from Womply showing businesses that claim their listings on multiple online business reviews sites make 58% more money!

What does marketing automation really mean for small businesses?

In discussing who needs marketing automation it’s important to understand what exactly marketing automation means and in what context. Every small business dreams of a reasonably priced, magical push-button system that seamlessly collects customer contact information, collates and updates records for easy distribution, and automatically creates and delivers highly effective marketing campaigns. For small businesses, the highest-ROI (return on investment) definition of marketing automation means collecting customer contact information and automatically sending marketing emails.

As we’ve written previously, the ROI of email marketing is astounding. Every $1 spent on email marketing returns an average of $38 in revenue, according to one survey of email marketing companies, with some reporting as high as $44.

So how do you automate the process of building a customer list, getting contact information, and sending personalized, well-timed emails? Well… remember that magic button we mentioned?

If you’re someone who needs marketing automation, Womply is a game-changer

Womply has built the first and only “pre-populated” customer relationship management (CRM) software in the world.  This means that every time your customers make a credit card purchase, Womply automatically creates or appends a customer profile for them, including contact information, and it gets smarter and more complete over time as customers return for additional purchases. To a small business owner who needs marketing automation but has no email list and no simple, frictionless way to collect email addresses for their customers, this really seems like magic.

The beauty of our email marketing automation tool is that it sends well-timed, customized emails to your customers for important events such as birthdays, purchase summaries, tailored discounts, and more… even if you don’t have your customer’s contact info.

We’ve even created a simple and effective customer loyalty email template so you can send a more personalized “thank you” email to your customers after they have purchased.

When you start engaging your customers with timely, relevant emails, you build increased loyalty and earn repeat business. When you can do this simply, easily, and—most important—automatically, you’ll be amazed at how much time you have, how much more revenue you bring in, and how much happier you are.

Get a free, personalized demo today!


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