The Instagram double-dip

We all know that guy. The one who dips his chip, only eats the half with dip on it, and then proceeds to dip the same chip—the one he’s eaten half of already—again.

He is the double-dipper. Holiday parties, in particular, are loaded with these kinds of people, and if we’re honest, some of us are guilty culprits.

(For those unfamiliar with the double-dip dilemma, Seinfeld’s George Costanza gives us a proper demonstration here.)

Double dipping may not be socially acceptable or polite at your next party, but when it comes to social media, it’s actually a great way to entice new customers to visit your store. Let us explain.

The Instagram double-dip

These days, it seems like social media is as common to running a business as the Internet itself. And more and more, Instagram is playing a leading role. Businesses are using their social feeds to bring customers back by posting their latest deals, using photos to promote their services, and they are finding ways to engage with their audience and customers.

This is not surprising when you consider that 90% of the information people process is visual. People are visual creatures—shoppers, even more so. They want to see as much of something before they buy it. They want to know what kind of business you have before they visit. This is why the Instagram double-dip is a great way to increase your foot traffic.

By posting the same content and deals to your review sites as you do to your social feeds, you could effectively double your marketing effort with the same amount of work. By dipping into the same content you’re using to attract customers on social media, you could increase the flow of visitors to your store with some of the most valuable shoppers looking for your business. Because, while not everyone on social media is shopping, the majority of people on review sites are.

Keep the content and conversation relevant

Instagram is a fantastic tool for businesses to re-engage with shoppers who’ve visited your store before. It’s not as good at generating new customers and new business as review sites like Facebook, Yelp, or Google My Business. When people are looking to buy something, they almost unanimously start with a web search. Unfortunately, Instagram and most other social media platforms do not show up in those results.

Keeping the conversation relevant isn’t just about informing your prospective customers of what you do now, not just six months ago; it’s about keeping the conversation between your business and customers relevant based on the location of the conversation. One of the worst things you can do is sell to someone who’s sold. What’s even worse is not selling to someone who wants to buy.

Your review sites are an area where strong sales language and self-promoting image sharing is not only expected, it’s wanted. The same can’t always be said for social media.

In the early stages of shoppers’ decision-making processes, every little impression seriously affects whether or not they visit your store. If your info is current, if there are recent reviews, images, and promotions, you’re setting yourself up for success. These updates rarely dissuade shoppers. That means there is little risk for your business to be vocal and proactive on your review listings.

This double-dipping helps business on several fronts. It keeps your review sites current, updated, and enticing. Every time you post to your social feeds you should post to your review listings. That’s the Instagram double-dip.

So, while you’re avoiding the double dippers at your next party, don’t worry about double dipping when it comes to the content you use on your social media.

Take Action

Take a few minutes this week to update your review listings with some current images of the store, the services and goods you provide. They want to know where to buy and images help them make that decision quickly.

Uploading and sharing photos online today has never been easier. There is little reason why a more visually pleasing conversation can’t contribute to your customer growth goals.

You’ve already got the content that will attract new customers. This strategy ensures you’re using it in all the right places. In under a few minutes, you’ll have an updated listing that’s far more likely to garner you customers than a social post.


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