The summer’s most talked about restaurants: NYC

We’re closing out the summer with a mini-series on the most popular restaurants in major U.S. cities, as measured by how many people post online reviews about them. You can read our quick primer about the series here. As a recap:

  • Consumers overwhelmingly use online reviews to decide which restaurants they’ll patronize
  • They mostly care about recent reviews
  • Restaurants with lots of reviews tend to have positive ratings and attract more customers

We analyzed millions of online reviews during June and July to make our list. The top restaurants are the ones that were talked about the most on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and other business review sites during the first two months of summer. (So, “recent reviews” means in June and July of this year.)

The top 10 for NYC include trendy Italian, French, and Asian fusion restaurants and a boat house on Central Park! Read the whole list below.

1. The Smith

The Smith’s five locations in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. serve over 1 million guests each year.

  • Fare: American bistro, brunch
  • Recent reviews: 329
  • TripAdvisor score: 4 stars
  • 1 dish to tryBrick pressed chicken
  • Extra credit: Check out the restaurant’s impressive photo gallery

2. The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

In addition to serving fine food, The Loeb Boathouse Central Park is a destination for people looking to row the lake, go bird watching, or spot the myriad of butterflies found in the area.

3. By Chloe

By Chloe has an unusual take on the classic burger — everything in the restaurant is completely plant-based.

  • Fare: Vegan, burger, ice cream
  • Recent reviews: 185
  • TripAdvisor score: 4.5 stars
  • 1 dish to tryWhiskey BBQ vegan burger
  • Extra credit: See By Chloe’s latest creations on their blog!

4. Tao Downtown

The Tao Downtown features a subterranean restaurant experience designed to evoke ancient Asia, complete with dragon patterned walls, Chinese calligraphy, and traditional artifacts.

5. Obao Noodles & BBQ

Obao Noodles & BBQ takes a high-end twist to Southeast Asia’s traditional street market cuisine.

  • Fare: Thai, Vietnamese
  • Recent reviews: 179
  • TripAdvisor score: 4.5 stars
  • 1 dish to tryPad kra prow
  • Extra credit: Read about Obao’s ranking on Foursquare’s top trendy places in Hell’s Kitchen

6. Cafe Un Deux Trois

A Times Square staple since 1977, Cafe Un Deux Trois is a favorite haunt for broadway actors and crew members.

  • Fare: French
  • Recent reviews: 176
  • TripAdvisor score: 4 stars
  • 1 dish to try: Croque madame
  • Extra credit: Note that lunch and dinner are served “prix fixe” (multi-course for a fixed price)

7. Olio e Piu

Located where 6th and Greenwich Avenues meet Christopher Street, Olio e Piu has been dishing up Neapolitan cuisine since 2010.

  • Fare: Italian, Neapolitan, pizza
  • Recent reviews: 157
  • TripAdvisor score: 4 stars
  • 1 dish to trySiciliana pizza with eggplant and basil
  • Extra credit: Take a virtual tour of Italy to possibly win a real trip there!

8. Casa Bella

A third generation family restaurant, Casa Bella was built to express New York City’s Little Italy tradition.

9. Marseille

Marseille celebrates the tradition of its namesake city with cuisine inspired by French, Greek, Italian, and North African influences.

  • Fare: Italian
  • Recent reviews: 138
  • TripAdvisor score: 4 stars
  • 1 dish to tryBlack sea bass
  • Extra credit: Get to know executive chef Andy D’Amico

10. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Times Square

Once head waiter for NYC steak legend Peter Luger, Wolfgang Zwiener has built a culinary empire spanning five states plus four locations in Asia.

  • Fare: Steakhouse
  • Recent reviews: 136
  • TripAdvisor score: 4 stars
  • 1 dish to tryFilet mignon, of course
  • Extra credit: See Wolfgang’s cameo in a Forbes article about cooking a perfect steak

You could be on this list!

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