gives local businesses interest-free emergency capital

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Your small business is probably feeling the impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis, and you likely could use some extra working cash to see you through. Womply has partnered with FundRocket to create Stimulus 2020, where American business owners can get access to no-fee, no-interest emergency capital, free software, and information resources to help them survive these crazy times. 

No-cost business funding: no fees, no interest, no credit check, flexible repayment terms

If you own a U.S. business, can receive a no-fee, no-interest $1,000 capital offer, with flexible repayment terms, through Stimulus 2020 capital partner FundRocket. To qualify for the capital offer, a business only needs to verify a legitimate business bank account. 

There is no credit check or collateral requirement, and all businesses will be approved as long as they aren’t suspicious or predatory in nature. Once your business is validated, the $1,000 capital offer is sent immediately via ACH and is typically available for use within one business day. 

man fanning hundred dollar bills for emergency business capital

The capital has no restrictions and can be used for any business purpose, including paying bills, purchasing inventory or supplies, investing in marketing, buying equipment, paying employees, etc.

Repayment terms are flexible and based on a percentage of your business sales, with a cap at $100 per week. If you’re closed or you don’t generate any sales that week, you pay nothing! 

And when your businesses accepts the capital offer, you will never have to pay back more than the $1000.

Businesses that already have a Womply account are also eligible for the capital offer and can take advantage of it by connecting a verified business bank account and emailing Womply at

Free small business reputation management and benchmarking software

Womply, which serves over 500,000 local businesses across the U.S., has created a new free version of its software to help businesses monitor their business performance and benchmark themselves against similar businesses nearby. 

This will provide small businesses with critical market intelligence during this crisis.

“Local businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and they’re especially vulnerable to the softening economy,” says Womply CEO Toby Scammell. “Our mission is to help local businesses thrive, and we can’t think of a better way to do that in our uncertain economy than by offering no-fee capital and free access to business and market insights.”

Frequently asked questions about the no-fee capital offer

PLEASE NOTE: The Stimulus2020 offer is no longer available. Learn more, plus get free reputation monitoring and customer insights when you sign up for Womply Free!

Who’s behind this offer for small businesses?

Womply is a local commerce company that serves more than 500,000 local businesses across America. Last year Womply helped those businesses manage more than $130 billion in sales. 

FundRocket is a provider of capital to local businesses across America. Their mission is to empower small businesses by giving them access to the capital they need to thrive.

What is the $1,000 stimulus?

The $1,000 Stimulus is a no-interest and no-fee capital offer that is deposited directly into your business bank account. You can use the money for any business purpose—pay your bills, avoid overdraft fees, invest in marketing, etc.

How do I sign up?

Don’t have a Womply account?

  • Sign up for a Womply Free account
  • Connect your bank account
  • Once completed, notify us via email at or call 855.929.9111
  • We’ll send you a link to complete your Fundrocket application in <2 minutes

Already have a Womply account? You’re still eligible.

  • Login to Womply and connect your bank account
  • Once completed, notify us via email at or call 855.929.9111
  • We’ll send you a link to complete your Fundrocket application in <2 minutes

That’s it! Fundrocket will put the money straight into your account.

How fast will my business get the money?

We send the money immediately via ACH to your business bank account. Money will typically arrive within one business day.

Do I have to pay back the $1,000 Stimulus?

Yes, but we’ve made the terms as flexible as possible. There are no fees and no interest so you’ll never pay back more than $1,000 total. Best of all, if you don’t have sales in one week then your payment that week will be zero!

How does repayment work?

Two weeks after we deposit your $1000 we’ll automatically start weekly withdrawals until you’ve paid us back. The maximum repayment amount per week is $100. And if you have less than $1000 in sales in a given week then we’ll simply collect from you 10% of your sales that week. The amount you repay each week will vary based on how well your business is doing.

What sorts of businesses can apply?

Any U.S. business with a verifiable business bank account is eligible. We will approve as many businesses as possible, but as you can imagine we reserve the right to not give you the money if we believe your business is operating in a suspicious manner.

What is Womply Free?

We created a free version of Womply software so every business in America can have the business intelligence they need to make better decisions. We have other paid tiers of software, but Womply Free is free for life. You don’t even need a payment method to sign up.

What do Womply and FundRocket get out of this?

Womply and Fundrocket already serve local businesses. We’d love it if you would consider our services in the future, but you’re not obligated to.

Is this backed by the U.S. government?

No, Stimulus 2020 is totally private. 


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