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SBA loans: We can help you get an emergency loan for COVID-19

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SBA loans: We can help you get an emergency loan for COVID-19

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If you applied for a PPP loan via a large bank, you may want to reapply

April 30, 2020

In this 3 minute read:

  • Why should I consider reapplying for my PPP loan via a smaller lender?
  • Is there any risk to submitting duplicate PPP loan applications?
  • How you can improve your chances of your Paycheck Protection Program loan being funded

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to light multiple issues across nearly every industry. Supply chain problems, concerns about international travel, the lack of available hospital beds and supplies in some locations, the problematic fallout resulting from global pharmaceutical production, and the fragile nature of America’s small business infrastructure are but a few.

One thing that has come into clearer focus is that the incredible demand for SBA emergency funding has overwhelmed some larger banking institutions, who have elected to stop accepting PPP loan applications, or who are restricting applications to their current banking customers who meet certain criteria.

Womply is acting as a facilitator to connect American small businesses to SBA-authorized lenders to get emergency loans for COVID-19 relief. Start your free application here, or call us at 855-208-8813 for a free consultation.

If you submitted your PPP loan application through a large bank, you may want to re-apply via a smaller lender

On Sunday April 26, 2020, the SBA and Treasury announced new rules limiting the amount of PPP funding that can flow through any single lender for this round. In particular, this change affects large, nationally known banks and others whose cap will be 10% of the main pot, or about $25 billion.

If you’ve applied for your PPP loan with a large bank, your application may be at risk of not being approved if you are lower in the queue to receive an E-Tran number and get funded. 

Once big lenders hit their cap of 10% of the available funding, any businesses that are still in line will likely not be funded during this round of the PPP.

More than 5,000 SBA-approved lenders are submitting millions of applications that will far exceed the $310 billion allocated to this phase of the PPP. If you’re desperate for these emergency business resources, it’s vital to increase your chances of being funded right now.

The first $349 billion in PPP funding quickly ran out, and was loaned to around 1.6 million businesses, including some publicly traded, larger businesses that have since decided to return their PPP money that some argued they didn’t desperately need.

angry mob PPP loans

In the second round of PPP funding, new rules favoring smaller lenders and smaller businesses are stretching the timeline out a bit, but we still recommend that if you’re not getting the response you need from your bank, you should consider reapplying via a smaller lender.

If I submit two PPP loan applications, won’t I get in trouble?

Thanks to updates to the SBA / PPP loan process, you are now at almost no risk of receiving more than one loan per tax ID number. If you applied with a big bank and are near the bottom of their queue, we feel you are likely to miss out on funds this round. 

Given the volume of applications, we think it’s important that you take extra time to apply again with a smaller lender that meets the SBA’s intent to spread PPP loan funds further than during the first round. 

This could make the difference between getting approval in this round of funding and having to wait. Remember: you are not obligated to apply with your bank. PPP loan terms are identical, and it is always free to apply. Start your free application here.

You might get more personal attention and better customer service from a smaller lender

Many small businesses have observed that the customer service and attention they have received from smaller lenders and loan agents during this confusing time were superior than what they got from giant banks, some of which stopped accepting applications altogether.

The reality is many banks and lenders have been put in the position where they can’t service all customers. And with new rules and directives from the SBA favoring smaller lenders, and frequent updates to federal guidelines that require interpretation by loan agents, facilitators, and lenders, small business owners can really benefit from partnering with an organization that can walk them through the application process, inform them on the necessary documentation, connect them with a responsive lender that is still accepting PPP loan applications, and smooth out any bumps that they may experience along the way.

What you can do to improve your chances of your PPP loan being funded

If you already applied for a PPP loan with another lender but have yet to receive your E-Tran approval, we strongly recommend you apply again with one of the SBA-approved lenders Womply is working with. We’ll pair you up with an eligible lender who is still accepting applications and provide the resources and knowledge you need to quickly apply.

Click here to start your free application now or call us at 855-208-8813 to receive a free consultation.

Over 450k small businesses use Womply software. Now we’re helping you get the emergency PPP funding you need, ASAP.

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