How to use Instagram Stories to market your pet service business

In this 5-minute read:

  • What is Instagram Stories? 
  • How can Instagram Stories help my pet service business?
  • Instagram Story ideas for your pet service business
  • How to show ads in Instagram Stories

Instagram’s story feature is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and keep your customers updated on your business without bombarding them with tons of posts on your social media feeds. 

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You can use Instagram Stories to market your pet service business and keep customers in the loop on new deals and fun happenings. 

Let us give you a little more detail on Instagram Stories and how they can be impactful for your business. 

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram that users can utilize to post temporary images and videos in a slideshow format. The posts that you put up on Instagram Stories don’t get shared in your regular posts feed, so your followers only see them if they choose to view your stories. 

The nice thing about this is that you can post to your stories as frequently as you want to without taking over your followers’ Instagram feeds, meaning that they won’t unfollow you out of annoyance if you feel the need to post often. 

Instagram Stories are only available for 24 hours, so they don’t remain on your Instagram profile unless you choose to add them to your Story Highlights. 

Get started by creating an Instagram account for your business if you don’t already have one.

How can Instagram Stories help my pet service business?

As a pet service business, you have a huge advantage for utilizing Instagram Stories—the most adorable customers! People love to look at pictures and videos of animals, so use that to your benefit. 

Sharing frequent stories and highlights from your day is a great way to gain new followers and increase your pet service business’s brand awareness. 

You can offer temporary deals on your Story reel to capture the attention of new and current customers, drawing them into your physical location. 

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Instagram Story ideas for your pet service business

What kinds of things can you share to get the most out of your pet business’s Instagram Stories? We have a few ideas that can really take your Instagram Stories the extra mile. 

Show some behind the scenes clips

Customers love to see what is happening behind the scenes at any business, especially when it involves their pets. They want to know that their fur babies are being taken care of. Show them that they can trust you by offering behind the scenes clips of your staff with the pets at your business. 

Also, it’s adorable to see the pets that you work with and how loving your employees are with them. 

Take advantage of customer feedback with a virtual focus group

If you have enough followers on your Instagram account, you could really benefit from doing a virtual focus group with your Instagram Stories. 

If you’re thinking about launching a new product or service for your furry customers, ask their owners about it in your Story. Post a question to your Story, and your followers will feel the pressure to respond quickly if they have any opinions because they know that the post is only temporary. 

You may even receive some direct messages with great feedback on the questions that you post. 

Post some live tutorials

Are there simple tips that you can show your customers when it comes to caring for their pets? Maybe you frequently get asked the best way to clip a cat’s claws or how to shampoo a dog properly. 

Identify the things that you think your customers could easily do on their own and make some brief tutorials to share in your Instagram Stories. And then, to take this a step further, add those stories to your highlights so customers can access them after the 24 hours is up. 

Partner with other brands

Use your Instagram Stories to collaborate with other brands in your industry. For example, if you’re a vet clinic, partner with the local humane society to give discounted pet spay and neuters.

Identify other local businesses or larger brands that you can partner with on an event or discount. Both of your businesses will benefit from this as you each share these posts on your Instagram Stories and receive the views and engagement from both of your followers. 

Hint: Pet adoptions would be an awesome thing partner with local brands on and to share on your story reel. Help find new homes for pets at local adoption centers! 

How to show ads in Instagram Stories

You can use Facebook’s Ads Manager to create ads in your target audience’s Instagram Stories. As users are viewing Instagram Stories and swiping through the most recent happenings of their friends and the businesses they follow, your ad can appear in their story reel. 

The best part about Instagram Stories ads is that they can be linked back to your website to take customers to a dedicated landing page related to that story. 

The best types of ads to share in Instagram Stories for your pet business:

  • New deals and promotions
  • Pets that need adopted
  • Upcoming events that you are hosting or partnering with another business on
  • Brand awareness ads if you are a new business in your local community

Instagram and its Stories feature are great ways to enhance your pet business’s online reputation. If you want more ways to help increase your online visibility and reputation, a good route to take is using reputation management software

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