How to set up a Talkwalker account for your small business

In this 5-minute read:

  • What is Talkwalker?
  • Free tools that you can use with Talkwalker
  • How to set up Talkwalker for your business and use the free tools

With the online world continually growing each day, it can be difficult to keep track of all the platforms that your brand should be on and where people are talking about your business. From social media channels to hundreds of online business directories, there’s a lot to manage.

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The beauty of the ever-increasing digital world is that technology capabilities are improving with it. Solutions have been created to help you manage your online reputation and keep track of your brand so you don’t become buried in spreadsheets. 

One such solution is a social media analytics and monitoring platform called Talkwalker. 

What is Talkwalker?

Talkwalker is a tool that tracks your brand across all media sources: social media channels, websites, print, TV, and even radio. 

This comprehensive platform monitors all of these media sources on a global level and covers 187 languages. Through this coverage, you can learn what customers and competitors are saying about your campaigns, events, brands, and more. 

You can also see how your brand is perceived on a global and local scale and what kind of an impact it has through the numerous products Talkwalker offers. 

Talkwalker product options include:

  • Analytics tracking with image recognition technology
  • Conversation Clusters for tracking trending topics
  • Customer Data+ to gain a complete picture of your customers
  • Video recognition
  • Quick search
  • Command center
  • AI engine
  • Influencer One to help you get in touch with relevant brand ambassadors

Talkwalker also offers free tools that your business should start using right now

  • Talkwalker alerts
  • Social search

How can Talkwalker benefit your business?

Even if all you use from Talkwalker is their free tools, it can have a huge impact on your marketing campaigns. 

Through brand mention alerts and social media monitoring, you can easily stay on top of the conversation about your business. This helps you keep your public image in check and ensure that your online reputation is well-received. 

How to set up Talkwalker for your business

Let’s go over how you set up a Talkwalker account for your business and how you can utilize these awesome free resources. 

Setting up free Talkwalker alerts

First, we’ll walk you through setting up a Talkwalker alert. 

Step 1: Go to

Go to From this page, you can try the different free tools that Talkwalker offers. Click “Try It Now” under Talkwalker Alerts. 

Step 2: Create an alert

On the next page, you should see a text box where you can type in what you want to create an alert about. This can be anything from competitors to your brand to your favorite topics. Type in what you want to track. 

Once you type something in, you will need to provide some additional information, including:

  • Your email
  • Result type
  • Language
  • How often you want results
  • How many results you want

When you are done, click “Create Alert.”

Step 3: Verify your email and create your account

After you create an alert, Talkwalker will ask you to verify the email that you provided. You’ll get an email asking you to click a link and set up the password for your new account. 

Click the link, enter your password, hit the reCaptcha, and click “Save.”

Step 4: Check out the dashboard

When you finish setting up your account, you’ll be brought to your Talkwalker dashboard where you can set up more alerts and keep track of your brand mentions. Anytime a new alert comes in, you will get an email notification (unless you disable this), and you can even export your alerts when you have several of them. 

Set up your free social search with Talkwalker

Now let’s show you the awesome capabilities that you can have with Talkwalker’s social search. 

Step 1: Go to

Go to and click “Try It Now” under Talkwalker Social Search. 

Step 2: Create a search

Enter your brand, company name, or a certain hashtag you want to track. Click “Search.”

From there, you’ll be directed to a window to provide your name, email, and company name. Check the box to agree to the terms and click “Get My Results Now!”

Step 3: Check your email

Talkwalker will send you an email to finish setting up your account. If you already have an account, follow the prompts in the email and when you get to the new password reset window, click “back to login” to go to the dashboard for the social search tool. 

If you don’t already have an account, follow the prompts to set up your password and then click “Save” to be brought to the dashboard. 

Step 4: Check out the dashboard

When you arrive at the dashboard you can start tracking your brand, competitors, and topics across all social channels. Enter the phrase you want to track, and if desired, even compare it to another phrase. 

From within this dashboard, you’ll have the ability to receives tons of different analytical insights through various filters, including:

  • Media types
  • Country/region
  • Language
  • Device
  • Sentiment (positive, neutral, negative)
  • Demographics

With the free version, you can also filter the results over the last day or the last 7 days. If you want a larger look than that, you can set up a free demo with Talkwalker to test this out before upgrading to their paid plan. 

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