How to set up a remarketing campaign for your restaurant

In this 6-minute read:

  • What is a remarketing campaign?
  • How can your restaurant benefit from remarketing?
  • How to set up a remarketing campaign for your restaurant

Every business needs multiple marketing outlets, including your restaurant. If you’re looking for new ways to enhance your online marketing strategy, then you’ve come to the right place. Remarketing is a great way to convert customers who have already shown interest in your restaurant. Read on to learn how. 

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What is a remarketing campaign?

Have you ever been doing research for a new product or service that you need, and within an hour you are seeing ads for that business showing up on social media and every other website you visit? That’s remarketing. 

Remarketing allows you to place a code on your website that tracks browser cookies of the users who visit the site. Then you can display your online ads to those users through your remarketing campaign. 

This allows you to target audiences who have already shown interest in your restaurant by browsing through your online menu or even placing an order online. 

How can your restaurant benefit from remarketing?

Because you can target audiences who already have interest in your audience, your chances of conversion are much higher. 

Let’s say a customer was at work doing a search for some food they could pick up on their way home, they landed on your website during this search, but they got pulled away from their search for an urgent work matter. Then, on their next break when they’ve forgotten about this search and are scrolling through their Facebook feed, they see an ad for your restaurant with an awesome deal. It’s these opportune moments in remarketing that bring in new and repeat business. 

Remarketing helps you stay top of mind for customers, increases brand awareness, and allows you a great platform for promoting new deals. 

How to set up a remarketing campaign for your restaurant

Create your remarketing campaign by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Set your goals and choose a platform

First, you need to outline your goals for the campaign. Why are you doing this in the first place? Are you trying to bring in more business? Do you simply want to run a brand awareness campaign? 

Knowing what you hope to achieve will help guide your campaign creation. 

Once that’s determined, you’ll need to choose the platform that you want use for your remarketing ads. The two most common platforms are Google Ads and Facebook. 

For a restaurant, as outlined in our scenario above, your remarketing campaign could be really successful on Facebook. How many times have you seen a great deal for a restaurant on your Facebook feed and clicked to learn more? People are often scrolling through their feeds at the right time for eating: first thing in the morning (breakfast), during breaks at work (lunch), and right when they get home from work (dinner). Take advantage of the opportunities that remarketing can provide with this platform. 

That’s not to say that you can’t do great with Google Ads too. Google Ads allow you to remarket your business to potential customers across other websites. So they might see an ad for your business while doing their Amazon shopping or searching through other websites to try to find a place to eat. The more times they see your ad in different places, the more familiar your brand will become, thus creating a higher chance that they will visit your restaurant in the future. 

It’s not uncommon for businesses to run remarketing campaigns on both platforms at the same time. Decide what you think will work best for your restaurant and give it a go. 

Step 2: Create ads for your restaurant remarketing campaign

Before you can start your remarketing you need to create the ads for your campaign. No matter which platform you use, these ads generally come in the form of an image or graphic. 

Here are a few tips to help guide your ad creation:

  • Keep the information on your ad simple. Too much information or a wall of text often gets tuned out and scrolled past. Pick one point to advertise with each asset. If you need to, try creating multiple ads highlight different deals or features of your restaurant and see which one performs best. 
  • Add a call-to-action. Somewhere with your ad, invite the customer to visit your website, order online, or book a table. Let them know what you want them to do and give them a nudge in the right direction. 
  • Include a good deal. This is your hook, your attention grabber. Everyone is looking for a good deal, and some two-for-one discount or a free drink with purchase at your restaurant may be just the thing reels someone in. 
  • Keep it clean and concise. Don’t get carried away with trying to fit everything about your restaurant into one small remarketing ad. Even just a simple photo with your logo and your discount can perform wonders. Before running your ad, have someone look over it to make sure it isn’t too overbearing. 
  • Add your branding to your ad. Make sure your brand is well-represented with your logo, colors, and fonts. Even if a customer doesn’t click on the ad or make an order right then, this campaign can help them become more familiar with your brand the more they see it out there. 
  • Use some kind of graphic design app that allows you to create professional-looking graphics. Canva is a great one to use for beginners. 

While you create your ads, keep in mind that you will need specific dimensions depending on the platform that you use. Try these to get started:


Facebook has one recommended size for ad images: 1,200×628 


There are so many different ad sizes you can choose from on Google, but these are a few of the more common placements:

  • Square: 250×250
  • Rectangle: 300×250
  • Leaderboard: 728×90

Step 3: Start your remarketing campaign

As soon as you have your ads created, you can set up your remarketing campaigns. We have produced step-by-step tutorials for remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Google. 

Just make sure that the first thing you do when setting up your restaurant remarketing campaign is create your audience and connect it to your ad (instructions in the guides above). 

Use email marketing to grow customer relationships

As you gain new customers through your marketing efforts, have a plan in place to enhance and maintain those customer relationships. Email marketing allows ample opportunity to do that. From simple “Happy Birthday” messages to sending out new menu items and discounts, you can keep your business top of mind with your customer and provide additional value to their relationships with your restaurant. 

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