How to set up a remarketing campaign for your hair or nail salon

In this 5-minute read:

  • What is remarketing?
  • Benefits of remarketing for salons
  • How to set up your salon’s remarketing campaign

Are you looking for ways to enhance the online marketing for your hair or nail salon? Then look no further. Remarketing can help you bring in more customers by reaching those who have already shown interest in your services. 

We’ll walk you through some steps and tips for remarketing your hair or nail salon no matter which platform you use. 

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What is remarketing?

Have you ever bought something on Amazon (or browsed through some products on Amazon) and then the next day you’re seeing ads for it everywhere online? That’s remarketing. 

Remarketing is the process of marketing to customers who have already visited your website or a specific page on your website. You can do this by adding a bit of code to your website that starts tracking the browser cookies of your website visitors. Then you can remarket ads specifically to those website visitors that your code tracked. 

This is a great way to market to customers who have already shown interest in your salon or services. 

How can remarketing benefit your hair or nail salon?

When it comes to finding a regular hair stylist or nail tech, people generally do a bit of research to find the best person out there for them. They look at online reviews, your website, look through portfolios and photos to see if you can do the styles that they like. 

Throughout this research process, they might land on your website and click through a few pages to learn more about you or look at your photos. However, this research doesn’t always result in a phone call or appointment scheduled. Sometimes distractions occur–a child cried out, a break ended, a pan boiled over. Whatever it may be, that person didn’t finish their search by making an appointment. 

Remarketing is really powerful in this regard because it can help you stay top of mind for those people who are still in that research phase. The more they see your ads, the more likely they are to pick up a phone and schedule that first appointment. 

How to set up a remarketing campaign for your hair or nail salon

Follow these steps to get a solid remarketing campaign set up for your hair or nail salon. 

Step 1: Determine your goals and pick your platform

Before you start any marketing campaign, you need to determine your goals for the campaign. Why do you want to remarket your salon? What do you hope to achieve through this?

Answering these questions can help guide your ad creation and the platform that you choose to use for remarketing. 

The two main platforms that we recommend for remarketing are Google Ads and Facebook. Google’s remarketing ads will show up on other websites as your customers are browsing the internet, maybe even as they are looking at competitor websites. Facebook remarketing ads will only show up on Facebook and Instagram in your audience’s various feeds and stories. 

If your target audience spends a heavy amount of time on Facebook and Instagram, then Facebook can be a great place to remarket. Google Ads is a great place to reach your audience as they are searching for that new salon. 

You may even decide that you want to run a remarketing campaign on each of these platforms, and that’s great. 

Step 2: Create your ads

Once you’ve determined your goals and which platform(s) you want to use for your remarketing campaign, you can create your ads. 

No matter which platform you use, you will need to create at least 1-2 graphics to use for your ads. Here are a few tips for creating your ads:

  • Limit the information on your ad. People are going to scroll right past an ad that is just a wall of text over an image. Keep your information concise. You might even create a couple of different ads with varying points to see which performs best. 
  • Include a call-to-action. Every good ad invites the customer to act. Whether you include “Book Now” or “Call us today!” make sure that you have some kind of invitation on your ad. 
  • Include a deal or offer. This is particularly helpful if you are targeting visitors of a specific page or service on your website. Place a discount in your ad for that service to capture their attention (because you know they are already looking for it). 
  • Keep it simple and legible. Some people get carried away with their ad graphics, trying to fit too much into such a small package. Make sure it is clean, simple, and easy-to-read. Run it by a couple of different people to check this for you before you run the ad. 
  • Make sure the ad represents your brand. Include your logo and other brand aspects, like colors and fonts. 
  • Use a graphic creation app like Canva (for beginners) or Adobe Illustrator (for more advanced graphic designers) to put your graphics together. 

One more note: you will need to create your ads with specific pixel dimensions in mind. Try these for starters:


Facebook has one recommended size for ad images: 1200×628


Google has tons of different sizes and placements for remarketing ads. Here are the few that we recommend starting with:

  • Square: 250×250
  • Rectangle: 300×250
  • Leaderboard: 728×90

Step 3: Set up your remarketing campaign

When your ads are created, you can set up your remarketing campaigns. We have step-by-step tutorials that you can follow to set up your Google Ads or Facebook remarketing campaign. 

Make sure that you set up your audiences first (instructions in our tutorials) and get your web developer to help embed the tracking code on your website so that you can start building an audience for your ads. 

Maintain customer relationships with email marketing

As you continue to grow your customer base with your marketing efforts, make sure that you are cultivating and maintaining those relationships. Email marketing is a great way to do that. You can schedule appointment reminders, set up reminders 10 weeks after an appointment for their next trim, or even schedule fun “Happy Birthday” messages just to show you care. 

Whatever you decide, Womply’s automated email marketing engine can help. Sign up for Womply Free to get started on your first email marketing campaign. 


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